I have a question that will probably make me sound like a moron to some *** holes out there, but I don't care. Lately, I've heard 'Kool-aid' being used as insulting... and I really don't understand why, can someone please explain this to me. Oh, and all the insults I've seen are political in nature... for some reason 'Kool-aid' crowd, elaborate please.

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    Kool aid is a reference to cults that commit mass suicides by drinking Kool Aid that's been poisoned. Both sides use it as a term that means the other side has been brainwashed into thinking a certain way, and that they've joined the cult of the right or the left.

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    In the Jones-town Massacre a group of some 1200 people had joined a christian religious cult in California (where else?) and were under federal investigation for fraud and other suspected crimes. Rather than submit to investigation they packed up and moved to the remote Island nation of Guyana where they built a large town named after their cult leader, Jim Jones, called Jones-town. After some time the families back home were getting worried and asked US leaders to check on them. A group of US Congressmen flew there and toured the site and heard the stories then left. A group from Jones-town, having become fearful that the congressmen were unhappy with what they saw and would send the army or something, decided that they would stop the congressmen from leaving. They ambushed the congressmen and killed them. (The newest US congresswoman from California is actually a survivor of that attack.) Jim Jones knew at this point that the US Army would definitely come (killing congressmen is bad , Mmm Kay) so he had his followers, all 1200 of them, drink Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. They just did it cause he said to. Mothers fed it to their kids, husbands gave it to their wives. They all knew they would die but the great Jim Jones said they had to, so they did.

    So, if you "drink the Kool-Aid" you are willing to buy what ever the leader says. It's been tossed about everywhere and few really know what it means.

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    The term "drinking the Kool-aid" refers to people that are so blinded by their cultish leaders that they'll happily drink the poison-laced Kool-aid (reference Jim Jones and the Jonestown tragedy, or the Heaven's Gate Hale-Bopp cult) as well as feed it to their own children, simply because their leaders told them to.

    So when someone sounds like a "true believer" who repeats verbatim everything their leaders tell them, who believes every word, who excuses their every failing as the fault of the nefarious and evil enemy, etc, then they're "drinking the Kool-aid". They choose to believe the hype and propaganda, even when the facts before their eyes prove it false.

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    Google Jim Jones and Guyana...you'll get the picture.

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