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I just got sent these pictures of my new guy wearing a dress, from his X! Do you think maybe he lost a bet?

or something to be wearing such a girly outfit?

Its pretty funny but also creepy!

What would you say or do if it was you?

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    by the look on his face-it looks like he is enjoying having that dress on.....

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    Why do you think he lost a bet? I'd say the obvious thing is that he has cross-dressing tendencies. The guy in the photo doesn't look like someone embarrassed at wearing a square-dancing outfit--he is actually posing. You probably need to have a talk with him. Just keep in mind, a cross dresser is not necessarily gay. He may enjoy wearing women's clothing but still be sexually attracted to women.

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    probably, but I wouldn't have posted the pic if I were you. I have pics of my husband dressed in women's outfit with make-up and everything. Reason : his company was the sponsor to the woman-less beauty pageant. Men had to dress like woman and who ever looked the best won :) well my husband didn't win other wise I guess I would have been worried but I could see me sending them to a girlfriend if we broke up just to send her running lol.

    Don't read much into it really I bet it was something like that or he lost a bet. Ask him about it simply and see what he says

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    No, he definitely DID NOT lose a bet. Look how happy he is wearing the dresses!! Your new man is a cross-dresser, sorry. Well, at least you guys could trade fashion tips!!

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    He looks like he's a crossdresser. There's nothing wrong with crossdressing. It's a harmless fetish, just like sexy undies are for some women. It does NOT mean he is gay or a child molester or any kind of horrible pervert.

    As for the X, write her back and tell her thank you for sharing, but your boyfriend already showed them to you.

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    I think you forgot but you stated one month ago that it was you in the dress.

    Do you like this dress on me or do you think it is too old fashioned?

    Would you enjoy wearing it if I decide to give it away?

    1 month ago

  • Anonymous
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    Mary Ann -

    You are a liar. I have seen this photo on the internet before. That is not your boyfriend, and whats up with the caption?


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    There is probably a good excuse for the picture. It was Halloween, a fraternity joke, etc. His ex is just trying to make you doubt him. Delete the picture and anything else she sends you before you let her ruin your relationship!

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    Probably lost a bet

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    I would say either he lost a bet, or it was for Halloween. He doesn't look too comfortable in it.

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    It's definitely a picture of you. You keep asking questions about cross-dressing, so why don't you just admit it rather than asking fictitious questions?

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