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ESD damage to laptop??

Hi, 5 of my dell laptops are not turning on due to ESD (Electro Static Discharge), I feel. All are brand new and initially i thought the problem is with power surges or with Internet modem or with coldness my room temperature.

However, i have bought a good surge protector to clear surge issues and It seems static damaged computer and planning to buy a anti-static wrist strap. However, where i have to connect the crocodile pin. some say to a metal grounded one. Can i connect it to the screw of wall power outlet or suggest me a good one. Thanks!


ok, I do not do open my laptop to work with any internal parts. I just use it for browsing etc. Do i need to use any static protection like wrist strappers still? If so, where i have to connect the alligator clip? to the laptop or some other? Thanks for the reply..

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  • Bjorn
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    1 decade ago
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    Ok, the ESD damage possiblity is EXTREMELY low for a laptop.

    The only time ESD is a danger is when you are handling ACTUAL internal components. Not the exterior of the computer.

    Even then it is not a huge risk as newer components are less susceptible to ESD.

    If your computers do not turn on, it would be more likely because of either bad connections to the battery or loose AC plugs. That, or some other hardware related issue.

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