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Should i drop jj hardy for orlando cabrera?

i already have bill hall on my team...should i drop jj hardy and pick up cabrera? i also have varitek and posada and was only keeping varitek b/c of posada's injury.

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    I would stick with hardy, he has better power #'s

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    1 decade ago

    It depends upon whether you need power or average plus steals. Hardy is 8 years younger than Cabrera so he has plenty of upside but both players are off to miserable starts this season. It's anyone's guess which will come out of his funk first.

    My money is on Hardy because he plays in a lineup loaded with offensive talent while Cabrera is mired in the black hole that is the Chisox shortstop position.

    I wouldn't expect anything close to 2007 numbers from Posada, either. The guy is 36 years old and has the added stress of dealing with a mediocre pitching staff. Varitek isn't the answer but at least he appears to be finding his stroke.

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