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He wants space?

I love him to pieces and would enjoy spending every minute with him. Well, maybe not every minute, but close to it. However, just about every dating article says (admit it, you read them too!) that you should give a guy his space. So, I'll tell him to go out alone for a change, to just leave me to read at home, or to have a poker night with the guys.

The thing is, he honestly doesn't seem to want the space.

Is it because we're also great friends? Or is it because his week is very busy anyway? I mean...we spend a lot of time apart, but we talk on the phone every night and see each other all day saturday, and for a few hours in school. Wouldn't the average guy say, "hey, I wanna go golfing!" Just to get away?

I don't want him to have to ask for space, but I think this is making him feel like I don't want him.

p.s. We'be been together for 8 months, isn't new.

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    Sometimes girls need space too. So try not to constantly ONLY think about his needs. (Not that that isn't good, it's just that you need to remember sometimes you'll need a night by yourself to just read or have a girls night out). Anyway:

    I think that you should keep asking (only every once in awhile) if he wants a night with the guys and whatnot.

    But don't be pushy...then he'll feel like he's being pushed away and become suspicious.

    I think that you should just except that fact that even after 8 months, your guy still wants to spend every minute with you...and thats a good want him to be attached still. But make sure that if you need space then you take it.

    It's not necessarily either that you are good friends or that he's busy during the week...its just his personality to want to be with you constantly...its cute!! =)

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    well... i dated a girl for 8 months and she needed her space i would go to the club well only went 3 times now she goes all the time so i dont because i dont want to see her. It sucks she broke my heart but any way well i always wanted to see her but she had so have her nights out so i went and did something with my friends. You need space sometime seeing other people or u will lose ur friends

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    You are definitely doing the right thing by suggesting that he goes and does things on his own, but if he's just not into it, don't press the matter. Don't nag at him to go out with the boys if he doesn't want to, or he might suspect something is up with you. You've made it clear that you don't mind spending a little time apart, and as long as he knows that, he should feel freer to do as he likes.

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