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My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”?

In Matthew 27:46, Christ spoke from the cross, saying “...My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” If Jesus was God in human flesh, why did He ask this question when He should have known the answer!

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    “...Why hast thou forsaken me?” Did Christ know why He had been forsaken? Absolutely He did! Christ did not make this statement from the standpoint of ignorance; but to challenge the thinking of those who crucified Him to realize He was paying for their sins.

    When a person dies in unbelief, their eternal destiny is in the Lake of Fire, separated from God for all eternity. Matthew 25:41 states, “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Christ was separated from God, paying for their sins, so they would never have to be separated from God, if they would only believe

    The religious leaders were thinking only in humanistic terms, that God had forsaken Him because He was a pretender and not the Son of God. The Holy Spirit had prophesied this in Psalm 22:1 and it was spoken by Christ, in fulfillment, on the cross for a purpose. The purpose was to pierce their minds to understand that you cannot forsake someone you have not previously been with! “Forsaken” in the Greek is “egkataleipo” and means “to leave behind in some place, to desert or forsake.” This is an excellent translation into our English language. But, their hearts were hardened, their eyes were closed and their ears were deaf to the truth. “Why hast thou forsaken me.” should have “rung a bell” in their minds. How could God forsake the Son, if He had not been with the Son. The thought-provoking statement bounced off of dead ears. The prophet Isaiah had foretold this as recorded in Matthew 13:14, “And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive.”

  • The above responses relate one common and startling but unmentionable fact.

    If the Creation can be no better or greater than the entity who created or presided over it then the reverse would also stand true. Jesus was the Holy, Pure and Strong son of the Supreme Holy Spirit.

    A remark made in jest regarding the precious and much lauded son of a Father who sings his praises daily, of cutting off the right hand of his son, is a sign. I baulked and was astonished....

    Question, how, why, and what could possibly incite a Father who attests to loving his cherished son more than anything else in the entire world, who himself condemns daily the actions of such a barbaric God and Father make such an utterly barbaric remark regarding his most precious and loved asset.

    The above responses from Christians and non believers alike is also the reason why I have much in common with Atheists.

    Jesus was the noble son of the Holy Spirit, the personification of Love and Truth.

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    The Qur’an says that Jesus was mistreated, denied and rejected by his people just as other prophets were also mistreated. Some of his contemporaries opposed him and tried to crucify him. It is also reported in the Christian Bible that Jesus prayed to God to save him from his enemies and remove the “cup of death” from him. (“If thou art willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” Mark 14:36 and Luke 22:42) God accepted Jesus’ prayer and saved him from crucifixion or death on the cross. He was lifted up to heaven (Al-Nisa’: 157-158). Jesus is yet to fulfill his Messianic role. Muslims believe that Jesus will come back to earth before the end of time and will restore peace and order, struggle against the Anti-Christ (Dajjal) or demonic forces, and bring victory for truth and righteousness. The true followers of Jesus will prevail over those who deny him, misrepresent him and reject him.

    The Qur’an affirms that Jesus is no more than a human messenger: Surah 4, verse 171, Surah 5, verse 75 and Surah 43, verse 59.

    The difference between Islamic belief and Christian belief on Jesus can be outlined in three points:

    1. Divinity: only God is Divine in Islam, including prophets: Jesus, Muhammad, etc.

    2. Trinity: Muslims do not say that trinity is compatible with the oneness of God. The idea of three-in-one is not convincing to Muslims.

    3. Crucifixion: The Qur’an teaches us that Jesus was not crucified, rather God saved him from his enemies and raised him to Heaven.

    Lastly, Muslims believe in the Second Coming of Jesus, but our belief in his Second Coming is less dramatic than the way portrayed by the Christian fundamentalists in North America. Our Jesus at the end of time is not coming for Armageddon war or destruction of the world; he is more loving and peaceful than what those Christian fundamentalists claim.

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    Christ died for us on the cross. He took on the sins of all mankind. At that time God required blood for atonement. It was Jesus' that paid our debts. You are obviously a young Christian. The ressurection of Christ is the foundation of the faith. To ask why he said that, reflects it. Just so you know, he said it because God did foresake him. God hates sin and that's what Jesus became - all the sin for man kind. It was the plan for salvation. He paid the price.

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    I like your point!

    Simply Jesus was not God, he was the Son of God.

    He was the son of God, just doing as that scripture says, asking the father why he had forsaken him.

    God, Jesus, Holy Ghost = 3 seperate and destinct beings.

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    Jesus was God but came inform of the son of God in other to have human feelings and to humble himself and to create an awareness that God exist.

    Believe me don't allow anyone to deceive you there is God and that is the truth God bless you.

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    Because God is the Father of Jesus. Jesus was like God in human flesh.

    there is the:

    Father - which is God

    The son - which is Jesus

    Holy Ghost - which is the Holy Spirit

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    God the Father had turned His back on Jesus because He could not stand to look at all the sin that Jesus took upon Himself. When you are in the pain and torment that Jesus was in at the time you tend to forget the things you know are for certain.

    He was calling out to the Father because He felt so all alone under the sins of the world from beginning to end of time.

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    Because in order to rise from the dead, as He said He would do, Jesus had to die. This means that, at that moment, God had stripped Him of His divinity and He was suffering in purely human form. Crucifixion is a very unpleasant way to die. Keep in mind that before being crucified, Jesus had already undergone several hours of torture.

    Under those circumstances, it would be only natural for Him to make such a statement.

    Best always

    Brother Ron

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    I guess the god of Abraham is capable of all things, including separating his own consciousness for the sake of experiencing life in the physical sense, as a living flesh & blood human who can feel pain, sorrow, anger, fear, etc.

    If I were a god, I'm sure I could pull that off somehow.

    Far be it from me to deny your god's ability to do all things, regardless of human's ability to understand how your god does everything it does.

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