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    Dear All,

    I would like to say goodbye to all of you !

    I have already scheduled to return to England to complete my study, therefore I am leaving next month reluctantly.

    When I return to England I will do my best to study hard. Hopefully I can get satisfactory results so all of you can be proud of me. This year the study program will be quite difficult but I ensure you I will not spare any effort to get the best results. All you can do for me is encourage me from time to time via emails or letters.

    While I am away please take care of yourselves. Mom, you always have a skin problem in winter, please make sure you take enough vitamin E which is good for your skin; and for you dad, please do not smoke too much or else your lung will be damaged. I often heard you cough at night, please reduce your smoking for me !

    As for Tina my dear, I just want to say sorry because I know it is selfish for me to return to England and leave you alone in Hong Kong. But I am sure you understand why I am doing this and I know you will support me, eventhough at present you may still feel upset about my decision. All I am doing is for our future, believe me ! In your spare time try to go out more with Lily and Jessica beause they both are your best friends and they can cheer you up. Also please take care of your parents because they are getting old. When I am in Hong Kong you spend a lot of time with me and thus sometimes we are neglecting your parents. Now you can have more time with them.

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    Also I am asking you a favour to take care of my family too. As you know my parents love you and they would like to see you very often. Moreover please look after my youngest sister Ginny. She always admires you and I think you can give her very good influence via talking with her.

    2008-04-10 21:52:53 補充:

    She is in a critical moment because she will have the A-Level Examination next year, while I know that she is also going out often with a boy. Please try to lead her to a correct way and do not let her indulge too much in her love affair instead of her study.

    2008-04-10 21:53:13 補充:

    Am I asking too much favour from you my dear ? I know you are wise and kind enough to help me on all these.

    Goodbye everyone, I will send emails often and photos so you guys will not forget my look, just kidding !

    2008-04-10 21:53:28 補充:

    I really do not like to write this letter but I must. I love you all !!

    Take good care until we meet again.

    With Love


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