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    Dear Sir,

    I am very sorry to receive your such reply, which is nothing to do with your payment to us.

    You place order, we ship on time then you pay to us. It is a normal procedure which you can not delay or refuse to pay us in any reason.

    It will be our last choice to debit you by law, but we will take it into serious consideration in the near future if we can not receive a positive answer from you soon.

    Please confirm to us the exact date when you will make the payment to us.



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    I am regretted to receive your reply which is not related to the payment matter. You have placed the order and we have delivered the goods. You have to make the payment as this is the normal procedure; therefore you can’t use other reasons for not making the payment. We do not wish to take legal action again you for the payment, therefore we hope that you could confirmed your payment date.. Many Thanks!

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