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幫我 修改 短文的文法....中翻英..有些急-20點






「滑草」是由流行的冬季的運動-- 滑雪延伸出來的。






滑草是由高高的那一端 快速的往下衝,不分男女.不分年紀.都是歡樂的尖叫聲。






Although we have no snow in Taiwan

But we are also very lucky is that we also have a Grass-skating, this exercise of Taiwan

Skiing due to the relation of season, in addition to in winter, the general season is the fun that can't enjoy skiing.

And Grass-skating, spring, in summer, autumn is similar and can work on this to enjoy and amazing.

“Grass-skating " by sports of the popular winter- The one that ski and extend out.

In order to can still enjoy the enjoyment of skiing during different seasons,

Then develop the device that take skiing principle as foundation and can skid on the lawn.

And the Grass-skating shoes roll bead, the whole grass-ski machine is like a mini tank track;

Can be similar to movements that ski while sliding at a high speed.

Although myself there is no experience of grass-skating, I got to the Internet to collect some experience concerning everyone's grass-skating to talk by myself;

The grass-skating is by the very high fill down fast of one of throe’s end, no men and women will be assigned to, is an all happiness screech.

As long as you have courage and isn't afraid of to fall off, can soon become grass-skating good hand.

Wide blue and grassland, fragrant with a burst of earth, can enjoy the beautiful scenery too

Would you like to reach the peak of perfection?

It you had better is that the only method is too --Diligent and untiring, frustrate the braver!

So long as there is perseverance, believe you will become the past master of grass-skating.

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    1. Although we don’t have the chance to enjoy snow scenery comparing to

    those snowy countries, it’s lucky for us to

    have a Grass-skating sport in Taiwan.

    Except for the winter season, it’s impossible for us to

    enjoy the pleasure of skiing in other seasons.

    “Grass-skating sport”, however, it’s convenient for us

    to enjoy the pleasure and excitement

    as well in spring, summer, and fall.


    “Grass-skating " is originated from the popular

    winter sport-"skiing" and hence extended out.

    In order to take pleasure in the enjoyment of skiing

    during different seasons, the device which uses

    the skiing principle as the foundation has been

    developed and therefore you can skid on the lawn.


    The roll bead of the Grass-skating shoes is similar to

    a mini-tank track, which the movements are

    quite like the high speed of skiing while sliding.

    Although I don’t have the experience of

    grass-skating, I have searched the Internet

    and collected some experiences of others to

    share with you.

    Glad to offer suggestions!


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    Grass-skating use of the form of swooping from the highest edge rapidly, and no matter you’re a man or woman, in what ages, you can hear scream of happiness.

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    As long as you‘re courageous and not afraid of falling down, you can become a great player of skiing in a short time.

    Source(s): Grace TA's suggestions
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