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For design, what kind of advertising campaign to attract customers on Valentine’s Day?


On Valentine’s Day we will thrust out special gift for customers. We will not usually present the favors discounts, but will improve price or change to festival to some extent on the hours of having a rest.


In the festival celebration, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Guests may call for us and tell the services needed first, we will do our best to service guests.


Could you tell me when is your off-season and busy-season?


During the Spring or winter and summer vacation, it is our busy-season, it is off-season on weekdays, but a lot of young people will drive the car to travel. Guests take a rest for open weekdays only. While stopping for open weekdays belong to busy-season.


Could you tell me it is unanimous style that the situation of hotel’s designed different?


Different that designer, the building will appeared different style. Will got suggestion of designer first, and make perfect planning. Chiayi building mainly is fashionable craze. Shinying building mainly is exotic craze. Diouliou building mainly is Chinese craze. The different three style give guests to experience, and the most high-quality.

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    Designs the pattern to say, when approaches like sweetheart holiday, how

    promotion can you move by attract the customer?


    Generally speaking can promote the complimentary gift attraction

    customer like sweetheart holida, the complimentary gift for bathes the thing,

    the appeal thing and so on primarily, usually cannot appear the

    discount surface the preferential benefit, but has the possibility

    regarding the holiday to be able to promote the price or has the

    change in rest when number.


    Generally on the festival celebrates, if sweetheart holiday or the Christmas

    day, the visitor possibly can first comes the service which the

    electricity informs needs, we also can we be able to achieve the best



    Asked when is valued the hall is the off season, when is the busy



    On the Spring Festival or the winter and summer vacation, are our busy

    season, generally is the off season, but many present young people,

    egress all drive the vehicle traveling, can take advantage of when the

    week rests second, choice short rest, therefore rests second when the

    week, also belongs to our small busy season.


    Asked the chain store hotel situation designs whether the consistent

    style or respectively does have leaves?


    The different designer presents the style certainly meets ㄧ does not

    send, we first obey designer's opinion to depend on designer's

    suggestion to make the perfect plan again. The Jiayi hall by the

    fashion leisure wind primarily, the new management by the foreign land

    character and style primarily, fights six by the Chinese style

    primarily. Three kind of not ㄧ types subjects for visitor different

    experience, experiences highest quality enjoying.

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    Base on design method, when Valentine’s Day approaching, what kinds of promotion activity would you uses to attract your customers?


    Generally speaking, we offer special gift to attract customers and mostly these gifts are toiletry or sex-pleasure products. We normally do not provide discount promotion but base on festival to increase room rate or made changes to the room booking hour.


    Normally during festival celebration, such as Valentine’s or Christmas Day, our guests may contact us for certain services that they required. We will provide our best service to meet guests request and requirement.


    May I know when your are Motel off-peak and peak season?


    During Lunar New Year, winter and summer vacation is our peak season and the rest of the year will be our off peak season. However the younger generation usually drive a car while on excursion on weekend, therefore they will take the weekend opportunity to choose short-term booking. As a result over the weekend is also considered our peak season.


    May I know is the environment design for franchises hotel are all the same or are they have they own style?


    Different designer normally present a different style. We would listen to designer advice and base on his suggestion to make the perfect planning. Chiayi outlet mainly base on fashion and leisure style and Shinying outlet base on exotic style, whilst Diouliou base Chinese style. The three different themes provide our customer with different experience, experiencing the highest quality of enjoyment.

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    In terms of design, what kind of advertising campaign would you use to attract customers on Valentine' s Day?

    On Valentine’s Day we will brings out special gift for the customers. Instead of offering discounts frequently, we will fluctuate the price on holiday or based on the number of resting hours.

    In special celebration and holiday, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas, the guests can call us for the services they want, and we will do our best to provide the service.

    Could you please tell me when is the off-season and the high-season?

    During the Spring or winter and summer break, it is our high-season. Other than that it is usually off-season. However, a lot of young people travel on cars. Therefore, Weekends can be seem as our high-season in a smaller scale because these people might choose to take a rest while traveling.

    Is the theme(主題/風格) of our franchises the same or different?

    我不確定craze&building適不適當 問你教授吧

    Different designers will certainly create different kinds of themes. We can take their suggestion into account and formulate a perfect plan. Chiayi store can have the theme of fashion and leisure. Shinying can have a exotic style. Diouliou store could have Chinese craze. The three different designs can provide the customers the different tastes, the highest quality, and the best enjoyment.

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    The three different designs will provide the customers the different tastes, the highest quality, and the best enjoyment.

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