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Who thinks Tim Duncan is best PF?

*Again no immature answeres please.

*If you say yes, why?

*If no, then who is and give details why?

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    Duncan is the best PF in the history of the game. from his rookie season, he has been consistent all the way. score points, rebounds, blocks, and most specially he changes the game with his tenacious defense.

    though im not a spurs fan, i still think he is the best player at the PF there is.

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    Well, I do. Personally, I think that he is even better than the past PF greats like Karl Malone and Sir Charles.

    1. He made the Spurs get a big upset in hos rookie season

    2. He is so consistent. He can shoot from range with ease

    3. Perhaps the best fundamentals ever

    4. The Spurs dynasty started because of him

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    Duncan plays PF/C. He is not a pure power forward.

    The best pure power forward in the game is Karl Malone.

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    i think hes the best ever. hes accomplished so much, and the guy has been consistent his whole career. put it this way--during his rookie year he helped put together one of the biggest turnarounds in nba history in terms of wins from the previous season to the current.

    also, think about how close he has been to many more titles. i know close doesnt count, but think about fisher's .4 shot....manu's stupid foul on dirk, etc. the spurs compete year in year out. think about the nba in the last decade, and name ONE team that no one wanted to compete with, every year. every year, it was san antonio. i know the lakers had their run, detroit, etc., but san antonio has been a powerhouse for the last 10 years. thanks to duncan, mostly.

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    I would say yes because he is so f***ing consistent its ridiculous. One of the characteristics of a great player is that when they take shots your shocked that its NOT going in. Like MJs fadeaway, Timmy's bank shot is automatic.

    Not getting schooled on the defensive end also get major kudos.

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    yes he is.

    even Shaq, the hater said "Mighty Duncan"

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    Maybe but hes got to be one of the most boring players out there. Honestly he lacks showmanship. He is good though

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    Yes because what the Spurs have right now is a dynasty.

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    yes i believe he is.

    the most consistent player since day 1.

    thats the reason y.

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    I don't know about the best, possibly, he's in the top two or three.

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