Twilight stole the actors from the messangers????

Twilight stole the actress for Bella and the actor for Charlie (Dylan McDermett)??? Who were both in The Messengers and played father and anxt-filled teenage daughter in a new small town? The trailer practically ripped off the trailer from The Messengers with the car scene with the both of them...this is too funny wtf???


Oh, and instead of dealing with ghosts in the small town...VAMPIRES! The similarities never end!!!

Update 2:

Wait...scratch that, I think the trailer was a sham. I think they ACTUALLY took scenes from the messengers. LOL same lead though. Still many similarities for her role also.

Update 3:

Also Meyer's "perfect face" definition she keeps throwing in your face in the book comes back to bite her in the *** because none of those actors/actresses look "perfect."

Update 4:

And Edward speaks with an English accent? Isn't he from Washington?

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    1 decade ago
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    ? charlie swan is being played by billy burke, not dylan mcdermott. but it is interesting that the "trailers" that are being posted, (the official trailer is not out yet) have scenes of "bella" that are really scenes from the messengers. i didn't know that. thanks for the info. now i have to watch the messengers cuz it looks really interesting.

    hmm. somebody else in here said that peter facinelli was playing charlie, and was saying "get your facts straight" but peter facinelli is playing carlisle, not charlie. guess it's late.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) no no, it's just the lead actress, kristen stewart.

    2) vamps are much cooler than ghosts. haha.

    3) yeah, that trailer's a fakey-fake. the real one's not out yet.

    4) sure they're not perfect, but robert pattinson is pretty frickin close. =]

    5) not in the movie. pattinson's using an american accent, and i've heard it's really great.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Uh, your sorta wrong, and that trailer was a FAN made trailer, not a professional trailer, you don't that they would use it do you lmao?

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