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Who should be impeached for this incredible debacle?

Report says immigration costly

By Hsin-Yin Lee

April 9, 2008

More than 37 million immigrants in the United States, both legal and illegal, cost the federal government more than $346 billion last year, twice as much as the nation's fiscal deficit, according to a report released yesterday.

"This is another nail in the coffin of economic growth," said Edwin Rubenstein, director of research and president of ESR Research, which released the report. "There is absolutely no reason immigration policy shouldn't be discussed on its economic merits."

Mr. Rubenstein, a former director of research at the Hudson Institute, a nonpartisan policy research organization, said U.S. taxpayers paid more than $9,000 for each immigrant in the country, a third of whom are believed to be in the U.S. illegally.


Tell someone.

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    That makes you mad? How about this?

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    The reason for this particular mess is because of conservative compassion from people like Mayor Rudy in NYC and Gov. Hickaboo in Arkansas who want to send illegal children to school. Or sometimes they want to send the legal children of illegal's to school when they should send them back to wherever there parents came from.

    Impeachment won't change anything.

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    I would say the democrats and the judges that keep saying that the illegals have the same rights as all American citizens do.

    But that would make me someone who reads more than just the news papers and listens to the so called unbias news media.

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    This has gone on for many years no one should be impeached, although we should make our politicians do their job and stop this madness.

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    Try reading a book on civics.

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