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alice in wonderland characters?

please i need a detail descrpitions of all alice´s chracters (incluided her)

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    Dinah (Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4); she is Alice’s cat. She isn’t physically there in the book but Alice talks about her many times, especially about the fact that she is good at hunting and killing animals. Therefore she does play an important role.

    Mouse (Chapter 2, 3); this is one of the creatures that fell into the pool of Alice’s tears. He tries to dry the others by telling them the driest story he knows.

    Duck (Chapter 2, 3); he also fell into Alice’s pool of tears. He is said to be modeled after Canon Duckworth (see the Story Origins section).

    Dodo (Chapter 2, 3); another creature that fell into the pool. He suggests to do a Caucusrace to get dry. He is said to be modeled after Dodgson (Carroll) himself (see the Story Origins section).

    Lory (Chapter 2, 3); Also fell into the pool. She is said to be modeled after Alice's sister, Lorina (see the Story Origins section).

    Eaglet (Chapter 2, 3); Also fell into the pool. She is said to be modeled after Alice's other sister, Edith (see the Story Origins section).

    Old Crab with daughter, several birds (among them a Magpie and a Canary with kids) (Chapter 3); they are also part of the party that fell into Alice’s pool of tears.

    Mary Ann (Chapter 4); the White Rabbit’s housemaid. She isn’t physically there in the book but the Rabbit mistakes Alice for her.

    Pat (Chapter 4); an employee of the White Rabbit. The Rabbit orders him to get Alice’s arm out of his window.

    Bill (Chapter 4, 11, 12); he is a lizard and also employed by the White Rabbit. He has to go down the chimney to get Alice out. Later he is a member of the jury during the trial.

    2 Guinea pigs (Chapter 4); they are part of the group that tries to get Alice out of the Rabbit’s house.

    Puppy (Chapter 4); very playful, and as Alice is very small he almost runs her over.

    Caterpillar (Chapter 4, 5);

    Pigeon (Chapter 5); she mistakes Alice for a serpent because of her long neck. She tries to protect her eggs.

    Fish-Footman (Chapter 6); he serves at the house of the Duchess.

    Frog-Footman (Chapter 6); he brings an invitation from the Queen to the Duchess’ house.

    Duchess (Chapter 6, 8, 9); she is very ugly and mistreats her baby. She is also fond of finding morals in things. She tries to be in everyone's good books (especially the Queen's one) by acting very complimentary.

    Baby/pig (Chapter 6); as a baby it constantly howls and sneezes because of the pepper. When Alice takes it outside it turns into a pig.

    Cook (Chapter 6, 11); she makes soup with too much pepper and throws things at the Duchess, the baby and Alice. Later she is a witness in the trial.

    Cheshire Cat (Chapter 6, 8);

    March Hare (Chapter 7, 11); he is holding a tea party with the Hatter and the Dormouse. The party will continue forever, as they live in a frozen time. Later on, the March Hare is a witness during the trial.

    Mad Hatter (Chapter 7, 11);

    Dormouse (Chapter 7, 11); another member of the tea party and witness. He constantly falls asleep and is mistreated by the Hare and the Hatter.

    Elsie, Lacie and Tillie (Chapter 7); they are three sisters in the Dormouse’s story. They live in a treacle well. It is said that they represent the Liddell sisters (see Story Origins page).

    Five, Seven and Two (Chapter 8); they are playing cards and the Queen’s gardeners. They’re painting roses red because they planted white ones by mistake.

    Knave of Hearts (Chapter 8, 11, 12); he carries the crown and is later accused of stealing tarts.

    King of Hearts (Chapter 8, 9, 11, 12); The Queen of Hearts’ incompetent husband. She completely dominates him. The King doesn’t have much notion of how a trial works, but is rather stubborn.

    Queen of Hearts (Chapter 8, 9, 11, 12);

    Flamingos and hedgehogs (Chapter 8, 9); they are used as mallets and balls during the game of croquet.

    Gryphon (Chapter 9, 10, 11); he takes Alice to the Mock Turtle. With him he explains the Lobster Quadrille to Alice.

    Mock Turtle (Chapter 9, 10); he seems to be very sad and constantly sobs. He tells Alice about his schooldays.

    Jurors (Chapter 11, 12): twelve creatures act as members of the jury during the trial of the stolen tarts. Among them is Bill, the lizard.

    2 Guinea-pigs (Chapter 11); they are being suppressed during the trial for cheering.

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    The Cheshire Cat He beats all.

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