what's going on between china and tibet?

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    first of all, This is a very controversial question,

    There will be a different answer coming from the Chinese and the Americans.

    I, as a Chinese, will give you my answer.

    violent riot against the Chinese government broke out ACROSS Tibet at the SAME time on March 15th.

    There was a video shoot in Lhasa, which was basically the center of the riots.

    In the video, which was shoot by an Australian journalist who were eating in a Lhasa restaurant, shows protesters on the street everywhere,Tibetan Monks and Activists, some even carrying stones, bars, and knives. They were setting building on fire, ripping doors out of shops to take whats inside, flipping cars that were parked on the street. etc.

    In some shots, they were even hitting civilians.

    "it was absolute mayhem on the streets" the journalist quoted in the videos.

    at the end of the video, Chinese policemen and tanks arrived, No policeman was beating anyone however, they were trying to save the civilians that were being attacked. (this was further proved by pictures taken at the day of the riot, police armed with shield was cornered by the rioters, there were rocks throwing on the shields and hot waters pouring on them.)

    Chinese civilians were killed, burned alive inside the shopping centers because they were too afraid to go out.

    about a day later, many of the western media include major corporations like CNN, BBC, FOX, couple German News Channels and couple other major news networks reported the story.

    This is where the problem came in.

    In ALL of the reports, the footage, which seems as if it were shoot in Lhasa have no Chinese police in them, the soldiers were either Indian police or Nepal police. (they were easily distinguishable from Chinese police mens due to their skin color, their Looks, and their uniforms)

    Also, in the written reports on their website, almost all stations used words like, Chinese government crack down on Tibetan Peaceful protest.

    there were many other mistakes made by the Wester media, for example, CNN reported " In the country's capital, Lhasa" (Tibet is not a country this moment)

    so basically, the news were all fake, it was reported without any evidence, and used footages that seem like they were taken in India and Nepal, where the police was grabbing the monks and hitting them with bats. (where did these footage came from is still a question)

    These reports outraged the Chinese and in my opinion set off many Western people who watched the news.

    Right now, many Tibetan activists believe China is cracking down peaceful protest and taken brutal action against the monks.

    It is NOT true,

    Till this day, the Western Media is still refusing to clear up their mistakes and offer any form of apology. Instead, they ignored complains send by the Chinese people, and continued on their false reporting about the Chinese government and the riot in Tibet.

    The result of these misconception lead by the Western Media is Most of the Western public now believe China it’s treating Tibet like some kind of killing ground. Which is ridiculous, any person that have done some research outside of Western Media on Tibet would of disagreed with it.

    Right now, protest against Chinese government is EVERYWHERE, all because of these fake media reports, they generated ignorance, which lead to hate.

    It is extremely sad to see these kind of matter happens when China is about to host the Olympics, which is about peace and love.

    But it’s even more heart-breaking to see that the WESTERN MEDIA is actually reporting UNFAIRLY against the Chinese.

    Whenever I try to explain this to ANY Tibet freedom activist, I get ignored.

    just like whenever ANY CHINESE tries to explain ANYTHING to the western public, we will get REJECTED with comments like “your government put you up to this" or " your working with the communist”.

    I don’t think the Western Public has ever stopped and think that, “ Maybe I am also being BRAINWASHED by the Media.”

    If you want some prove of what i just said, go to this website, it has all the pictures taken from either the news website that was false reporting, or fake video reports by those News networks.



    We, the Chinese people are not against the Western Media, we are Only against the lies and fabricated stories In the media.

    We are not against the western public, we are only against prejudice coming from the western society.

    Here is some other evidence.

    This was the video shoot by the Australian Journalist ,

    of course, it was labeled as Chinese military move in on Tibet, despite the fact that rioters was burning down buildings and harming human lives.


    Youtube thumbnail

    here is another one that shows the rioters hitting a person who were sitting on a stopped motorcycle.


    Youtube thumbnail

    it was told that this was fake and was made by the government because it started right where the action started, and the person on the bike was wearing a helmet. (I’ll let you decide)

    and last but not least, I’ll show you a video which was made by an "Westerner", it is about the history of Tibet.


    Youtube thumbnail

    these three videos are just a few of many video’s proving the lies that were told by the Western Media.

    If you want more, I can send them to you, but you can usually search for them on youtube anyways, try look up “the real dalai lama, or the history of Tibet.”

    and of course, don't just look online, who knows, maybe there is censorship in America too! go to the library’s and dig up history books if you have to.

    Whats going on between China and Tibet?

    “Hate was generated by some False Western Media reports towards the Chinese and Chinese government. Protest, which was provoked by the hate, broke out around the world against the Chinese government in Tibet. Despite little knowledge of the truth behind the lies or of the history of Tibet, of Dalai Lama.”

    Source(s): the part of me which does not believe in everything that i acquire from the Media.
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    Brad Pitt was just the actor, banning him from China for starring in a film is like shooting the messenger , because the Directors are the real brains behind making any film. Tibet was once an independent country, then an autonomous area, and China's legacy there is far from fair or humane. Tens of thousands of temples destroyed to begin with, and stomping out their culture. Genocide. Where do we want to start?

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    Tibet wants their freedom and chose this time to protest due to the Olympic torch being sent around the world. I don't agree that the Olympics should be used for this kind of purpose, but I do agree that Tibet should have it's freedom. The Tibetan people do not have freedom under Communist Chinese rule.

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    Although First L is very immature and crude, he is correct about Tibet. I do, however, disagree about the Vodka thing. I never heard about it and I keep up with the news. I also know that myself and many others feel that us having taken the land from the Mexicans and also throwing the Native Americans into tiny pieces of bad land was horrible as well. It might be a regional thing though...

    I am a liberal.

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    Tibet has made current news because a number of unknown people had rioted, last count they had 953 suspects detained.

    Depending on that source you read the stories are they did it because they are, thugs, rioters, have been paid by the CIA, they want more religious freedom, they are separatists (or freedom fighters), they want to government themselves or it was a message to the world.

    But one thing is for sure whatever the reasons it was started for it has put Tibet on the political and social talking map.

    I would read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_unrest_in_Tibet

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    China currently owns the land that is Tibet, but tends to ignore and attack the people of Tibet and their rights.

    I've linked you for more!

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    Tibet is blaming China of stealing its marbels!

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