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A confluent 25cm flask of HeLa cells means how many cells roughly?


Do you know a confluent 25 cm flask of HeLa or MCF7 cells means how many cells roughly?

I need all my flasks so I can't do trypsinization and cell counting now, and I am in a hurry.




actually I mean a 25 cm2 flask. regular cell culture flask.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I estimate 5-7 million cells on a 10 cm (ish) confluent plate, with area of 57 cm2. That's good for 293T cells, I haven't altered it for other cell lines, it pretty much comes out right. To plate for subconfluence, I don't count, I do a 1:6 split to be on the low side for a next day or day after transfection (usually day after), 1:3 or so to do it for sure the next day, but it sucks to be over.

    Just find the area of your flask and you can adjust my numbers.

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