I'm REALLY ready to give up on school...depression :-(?

When I was in middle school I got straight A's and was ALWAYS on the honor roll. My mom and grandparents were very proud of me.

I get to high school and things get bad. I started to get horrible grades and I started skipping school. My self esteem got very low. My family was disappointed...

Sophomore year I promised myself and my loved ones I would stop skipping school, but I guess I didn't learn from my mistakes and never knew how bad it would get. I got really depressed that I didn't want to get up in the morning. Unfortunately I failed that year and had to take biology for the 2nd time. My loved ones were extremely disappointed and I felt like $hit.

Now in present time. I'm a sophomore taking junior classes. I was going to school, but I slipped badly and my self esteem has hit an all time low. I'm failing classes. My family gave up on me. I HATE school I just don't fit in and teachers and students are viewing me as a failure that should just drop out. I don't know what to do?


Also, the assistant principal just let my family know that I can't go to school until my mom comes in. So, I don't know if they are going to expell(sp?) me or not.

It seems like every time I try to make things better I screw up big time. This is not what I thought I would be.... :-(

Update 2:

Good news!!

I got a second chance to do better. The principal said it was my last chance and I'm really going to take it this time!! I'm gonna succeed!

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    I went through a similar situation when I was in high school, except I was pretty much alone. My mother was a single parent and worked so much she never had much time for me. I was on the honor roll in middle school but by age 16 I had only four credits and was flunking all my classes. I didn't realize it at the time but I was depressed which led to me being apathetic about school. I never sought help and dropped out.

    At age 18 I went back for my adult high school diploma, started classes at a community college, and am now transferring to a university.

    I suggest you don't do what I did. You need to seek help to see why you're feeling this way. I suggest you 1) Talk to your family. If you can't talk, write them a letter. 2) Talk to a counsleor. Hopefully you'll meet with a decent one. 3) Speak to your teachers if necessary about ways to pull up your grades 4) Go join an after school club or do some community service. One of the reasons you may be feeling this way is because you spend so much time alone. You should be able to meet some interesting people outside of class by doing this. I wish I had done this.

    Whatever you do, don't drop out of school. Most people don't go back. You'll spend the rest of your life in a crap job and miserable. You'll also be full of regrets. If it's the school atmosphere you hate, you can always do something alternative like internet school or night classes. Or buckle down and graduate early so you can go to college. Either way, good luck.

    If you need to talk to someone feel free to email me.

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    I think I know how you feel. I'm going through some depression, but it's just showing itself in other non-school-related ways.

    Professional help is the best. I would suggest you talk to your school counselor, but apparently, you can't go there. Talk to your parents about seeing a psychologist. You're a lot more than down in the dumps or suffering from a case of the mondays.

    To increase your self worth, you should try to find something you're good at. I might feel crap about my relationship with my father, but I can go to dance and be 100% free for 9 hours a week. You need to find something that's like that for you. You might want to escape into a book or into a sport. Running is a great release for almost everyone. It ups your endorphins, so you have to feel better.

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    The main Point is to GRADUATE. Grades are only really important if you apply to go to a university. Most Jobs do not ask for grade transcripts. Looking for a job when you move out on your own will be MUCH easier if you have a High school diploma. Their formula for hiring is simple: NO DIPLOMA, NO JOB. No matter how hard it is to stay motivated, you MUST, unless you want to have a much harder and longer struggle as an adult. You have done well previously, so we know you are capable as a student. I think your bout with depression has affected your recent performance. What other people think is not important. You have to live your life, not them. Keep going to school for YOU, and get that piece of paper (the diploma).

    When you come to the end of your rope

    Tie a knot,

    and hang on , Baby

    Cause there ain't nobody BAD like YOU

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    My brother was in the exact same set of mind. I don't recommend this, but he took a year off school and worked full-time. When he went back to school he didn't feel so self-conscious as the kids in his class were from a different crowd that didn't remember him. He worked hard and got his higher grades back, but because of the difference in age he didn't make many friends that year.

    What I would recommend is seriously looking for courses you enjoy. If you're not doing well in classes like biology, and are doing it because someone else pressures you into it, look for courses which match well with your interests. You may want to look in to Co'op programs.

    If you actually like the classes you pick (this will probably be next year's course selection) then you will find the motivation to get up and come to school every day. As for this year, try to find an activity or club that you look forward to.

    Good luck!

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    If I were in your situation, I would start going to all the classes. I would pay attention and take notes in class. I would study hard for any quiz or test. If I didn't get a question, ask for help. Stay after school to get some help with school work. Give respect to your teachers and friends. I wouldn't ever give up. Also I would also recommend seeing a guidance consellor for some more advise.

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    Some people may not want to hear this but i (TRY) to turn to God when I'm depressed. He loves everyone

    I'm sure you are an awesome person. Pressure to get good grades can make people feel depressed. If you start going to school and trying again I'm sure you can get your grades up and your teachers/peers will prolly respect you more

    Sry if it seems like a lecture just trying to help : /

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    Its time to take positive action. Start going to all the classes.Show them them what you are really made of,Talk to the school counselor.You need to get help for your depression.,Maybe you need tutoring for the subjects that you are failing.If they do not let you go to school then go to community college or do study online. But God loves you and He wants the best for you.Talk to your mum. I am sure she will understand. Start thinking about your future. Let them see that you want to do better.

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