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How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

how can it? is like imposible in my opinion.So many wars not helping us. So many things people do that are killin this planet How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

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    Because the world is mostly self-sustaining, the one hundred year mark is highly probable; however, the standards of living may become a bit more harsh.

    While wars will start and end, I don't believe America will collapse, nor will any other major country. Likewise, planet Earth will still be going strong. What we're doing is...well, very slowly decaying what we have. Except in this case, the thing that is being decayed is incredibly huge.

    It has been said that humans may possibly evolve further, if conditions presented themselves that we were forced to adapt to. Not in the next hundred years, of course, but even past that.

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    This is an easy one. If the world gets too hot, we've proven that we can survive it because the "Cradles of Civilization" were in hot, dry areas. If the world gets cold, then we've already proven that we can withstand ice ages, and that's without any "high" technology. If the world gets overpopulated, it will, out of necessity, balance itself out. I don't think we need to worry about surviving the next 100 years. The real question is how to we keep the next 100 years from becoming the next Dark Age.

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    We are so ridiculously successful as a species that it is virtually inconceivable of us not surviving. Wars are likely the reason we evolved so fast. Wars have existed for all of recorded history and it would be silly to think they started then. If anything they have advanced technology and increased the population. That doesn't equate to extinction.

    WE AREN'T DESTROYING THE PLANET. We are barely leaving a mark on it. There is some emotional need that people have that makes them want to believe their time is relevant. The earth is 4.6 billion years old and it has survived much worse than we could throw at it.

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    We might survive, some of us anyway, even if we don't, it is irrelevant. One should live in the present as much as possible. Enjoy your time here, live life as fully and completely as you can. Love all creatures and be a positive influence to those around you.

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    The rapid rise in human genetic disorders will probably end humanity in this century if nothing can be done. Studies have shown them to have gone from roughly 4500 in 1963 to over 12,000 in 1996.

    "By 2031, it is estimated (R2 = 0.995) there will be 100,000 human genetic disorders and by 2096 1,000,000 (see Figure 3). “At least one clinical disorder has been related to 1,318 of the mapped loci (roughly 30%)” (McKusick, 1998, Vol. 1, xiii - xviii). That suggests genetic disorder saturation of each locus by 2031 and supersaturation by 2096.

    These data confirm human devolution and suggest imminent permanent genetic extinction in this century."

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    I just cannot see the point in Life of any sort, we are here then gone end of story.

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    it's called evolution. Mankind will always find a way to survive.

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    who says we will??? I am young so this is depressing!!!!! like 10 yrs after i die the world will probably die out!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH run for ya lives AHHHHHH!!!!!

    Source(s): I asked Steven hawking. Hes a family friend!!!!!
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    Don't worry, just keep breeding.

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    wasnt this asked by steven hawking

    and your answer: it just can

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