i want a chinese symbol tattoo but i dont want it to mean the wrong thing... help!?

i want the chinese symbol for strength.. after everything ive gone through im still here and im livin day by day happy.. so i want that tattoo but i dont want to look like an idiot and it mean something else can some one help me..maybe an actual chinese speaker....

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    力 is the symbol for Strength but also 力量 I like the Japanese's better its 強 or 強さ I love it. I have not taken actually chines e but I do know Japaneses. An Have designed tattoos before. I will have you know the Chinese symbol for strength this not uncommon

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    About half the time when people get a tattoo in a language they don't understand it doesn't say what they think it does (Have a quick look at this http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20031006.html )

    The first answer said something about tattooists knowing what they mean; not true! they don't know chinese any better than you! Honestly, if someone's dumb enough to choose a tattoo straight off the flash without any research into what it actually means then the general opinion is that they deserve what's coming to them (Trust me, I work with a pair of tattooists)

    Don't trust internet translations, it's a ridiculously hard language to very accurately translate, a machine's not going to be able to get it right

    Try and find yourself an actual chinese speaker would be the best advice I could give (I highly doubt you'll find one on this section of y!a, try and see if yahoo has a chinese version of the site)

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    do you want a Chinese character, or Japanese? tattoo parlours have books of chinese / japanese characters ("kanji") for their customers, so don't worry too much.

    the chinese / japanese kanji for "power" (strength) is this.


    in this picture the 2nd character from the right also means strength, but not so much power, in Japanese, but it might mean something different in Chinese (this is somewhat common).


    in japanese, the first character I posted is pronounced "chikara" or "ryoku." In japanese the second one is pronounced "tsuyoi" or "kyoo." I don't know about chinese though, as my chinese isn't that good.

    I think it sounds like a nice idea, but you should make sure it's really what you want before getting any tattoo (like, wait a few weeks-months and think about it). I have had some tattoo ideas I probably would have regretted by now.

    unfortunately japanese kanji tattoos are not very in style right now. I also used to want one, but I'm saying this based on what I have heard from others criticizing tattoos. in my opinion as well, it's difficult to know if the kanji is well written or not if you can't read kanji. even if the translation is perfect the font or penmanship might not be as nice as you would like.

    (edit: indeed, the article in the post a couple above mine has many ugly kanji tattoos. most of the ones that are nicely written are in a font roughly equivalent to Times New Roman for english)

    good luck and I'm sorry if I worried you further!

    Source(s): I have a tattoo, I am a Japanese major in college, I studied chinese, and I enjoy japanese calligraphy
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    i would never ever just go to a tattooist and say i want this symbol in this language.

    sometimes symbols in chinese there are more than one version of it because chinese use them in different contexts.

    best thing to do is ask alot. search everywhere on the internet, you can even go to your local chinese with your printed symbols out and ask them if they could help you out make sure its right. then take your printed symbols to a few diff tattoo artists and check in the books/posters that they have to make sure its deffinitley right.

    after all you dont want to go round thinking you have the symbol meaning strength when it could mean idiot for all you know.

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    Most chinese symbols in tattoo places mean 'Stupid white demon', 'I'm an idiot' and the like... be careful haha... Why can't u just get a tattoo that u can actually understand lol?

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    Well you need to find an artist that you can trust. Ask around where ever you are from and see who others go to the most. If they trust them go meet that particular artist. Once you have gone in and given them your idea, and decided you trust them, then go for it and get it done. Good luck Oh I have the symbol for beautiful on my ankel. I had a girl from work who can read chinese look at it. She told me that it indeed means beautiful....so just find the symbol and ask someone who can read chinese.....Have fun

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    MOST tattoo artists know what the symbol is. dont go to bob the tattooist down the street and he says he'll give you the tattoo for hella cheap (that's a hint that he probably doesnt know what he's doing) ask some people who have tattoos and see who they recommend.

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    All I can say is RESEARCH, RESEARCH RESEARCH! My "mother tattoo" means mother in chinese, but the "father tattoo" means father with a little something extra under it. I still don't know what the something means.

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    I have a chinese symbol for what i thought meant "faith" turns out it means loyal... Like a dog... i woul suggest unless you peronally know someone ( and they like you enough to do it correctly) have them draw it up for you.

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    i went through the same thing. tattoo artists know what they mean. don't stress about it.

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