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Do I need to change money at an all-inclusive resort?

I'm American, and going to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. Do I need Pesos within the resort?

Thanks all.

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    1st Call your bank before you leave home ( the customer service number on your card) and tell them you will be in Mexico.so your card won't be blocked....when you are in MX.

    Use your ATM card! There is a small fee to use your card...about 70 cents US but you receive the very best conversion rate.

    There are bank owned ATM machines everywhere and the charge and conversion rate are the same.

    Please don't exchange at the hotel, airport or exchange company...use the bank/ATM.

    Also, the exchange rate changes daily but they will always take what is most beneficial to them if it is a couple of cents here and there it's no big deal.

    Exchange Houses "Casa de Cambio"

    The airport is very competitive.

    Banks in Cancun:

    Banamex, Bancomer, HSBC, Scotia Bank, Banorte, Santander Serfin and Banco Azteca.

    the credit card Discover is not accepted in Mexico.

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    I went to a all-inclusive resort in Jamaica and I did not have to use any cash at all for the whole 7 days, but that's cause I didn't have to leave the resort, but in Mexico I think you can bargain more with American money you just need to know what its worth or just ask your self would I be paying more for this in the U.S.

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    No - you can pay in American dollars in Cancun. We used American $1 bills to tip the bartenders and waiters and such. They appreciate, and can use, American money. Every vendor that we saw in town also accepted American dollars as well. You can use them on the bus too. So there is no need to change your money over.

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    If your not leaving the resort then no, you do you need pesos.

    But if your going to town it's best to have pesos.

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    If it is all inclusive, its all paid for, unless u shop at the gift shop and they take US money but may give back in Pesos. use a credit card if u can,

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    If you pay with American dollars, they will love it...because you pay 10% more that way! Use your ATM crd to get out pesos as needed...you pay less if you pay in pesos.

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    .a 1000$ should be plenty take advantage of all the stuff resort offers .you paid for it in your package the only money you need is maybe transportation' tips side trips ;& souvenirs

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    You dont NEED them, but I would take a little so you can tip. You would probably get better service that way.

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    yes. you need whatever money they use... is there still a country that uses pesos...awesome!

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