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Can I connect a 1500 watt jensen 4 channel amp to 2 subs or should i get a 2 channel amp?

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    You can do it but you will have to bridge it. The 4 channel amp was meant for mids and highs. Better to get a 2 channel amp meant for bass.

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    You should get the two channel.

    Unless you want to bridge your two subs but you wont get as much out of the 4 channel because the amp spreads those 1500 watts over 4 channels instead of two. Also if you bridge your amp wrong you can cause it to clip and then have to pay a bunch of money to have it fixed (an easy task but needs to be done by a pro)

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    I do not see why you can't. You should be able to bridge the connection. basically use the positive of one channel the negative the second channel to hook one speaker up. the the same thing for the remaining channels. there should be a switch on the amp the allows you to set for bridged use. I am not sure the model number you have but check to make sure its a bridgeable amp and then you should have no problem.

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    yes bridge it sub 1 to ch1 ch2 sub 2 to ch3 ch4

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