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insect help??

can someone tell me what insects eat, do they reproduce sexually or asexually, the respiratory/circulatory/excretory system of insects and the nervous system and anything cool offbeat facts about them...i tried looking in my book but i really couldnt find anything please & thank you!!

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    > what insects eat

    Depends on your insect. Some are herbivores, some are carnivores/insectivores, some are detrivores, some are parasites.

    > do they reproduce sexually or asexually

    Depends on your insect, and the time of year. Most reproduce sexually, always. Some, like aphids, will reproduce asexually (parthenogenesis) during part of the year, and sexually during the other part of the year.

    > respiratory

    Insects have spiracles along their sides, which admit air into a system of tracheoles which conducts air all through the body. Weird, huh?

    > circulatory

    Insects have an open circulatory system, in which hemolymph bathes the organs.

    > excret

    Main alimentary canal leads to the anus.

    Malpighian tubules run throughout the body, and collect and concentrate metabolic wastes from the body cells. The concentrated waste ends up being removed at the anus.

    > nervous system

    See the link, but generally, each "segment" has paired ganglia, and the insect's "brain" is a fusion of several ganglia.

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    Honey, that's a lot of work for us to do. Your book should have the answers to all of those questions, you're just probably not looking hard enough. If you're really stumped, try using the Yahoo search engine and typing in your questions. I usually find all the answers I need through there.

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