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Why are the majority of Shia in the world located in Iraq, Iran, and surrounding areas? Why not in Madinah?

And why are the Sunnis all over the world?

I am just trying to understand why this phenomenon is present, considering that Rasulullah (saw) and Ali (ra) were located in Madinah, and the first and the best Muslims were in Makkah and Madinah. How did it become so that the true Muslims shifted to Iraq and Iran and the deviant Sunnis became the dwellers of the city of Rasulullah (saw) and dwellers of the city of the most holy site in Islam?


Saudi Arabia came into existence around the time my grandfather was born.

Shiaism, according to you guys, came into exitence around the time of Rasulullah (saw).

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I know there are some Shias in Madinah, but since Shiaism is the true form of Islam (right?), Makkah and Madinah should be DOMINATED by Shiaism and the "Wahhabis" should never have been able to enter.

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    shiaa are the most mazloom kaum in the world

    thy hav been supressed ,attacked, killed ~have u 4gotten the rein of the shah of Iran & saddam??were thy not killed mercilessly??why?jus for being a shiaa!!for being a follower of Ahulbait(A.s)

    Wahhabi movements have increased as a result of the massive wealth that the Sa’udis have amassed by way of selling oil. Every day and month, the modern Abu Jahls and Abu Lahabs who have taken control of Ka’ba, attack the Islamic sanctities in one way or the other. Each day, the vestiges of Islam are ruined. That which has given impetus to their movement is the secret signs and go-aheads given by their Western masters who are appalled by the unity of the Muslims. They fear this unity more than they fear international communism. Therefore they have no choice, but to expedite the creation of religions and faiths, so as to spoil a part of the money they pay to the Wahhabi government for oil and ultimately to severely harm the unity of the Muslims and engage them in branding one another as immoral and in excommunicating one another.

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      The Wahabis....the Wahabis !! I tell you Shia that the Wahabis, Malikis, Shafiis, Hanafis, and Hanbalis all think the same of you Shia !!! All of them say the Shia are terribly wrong and mistaken. I'm Shafii, and I say that you Shia do not belong to Islam. Let your naked Mahdi be of any use to u!!

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    Islam has not become the dominant religion in the world because the Shia have always created problems from inside that have held us back. This is the truth. They claim the Mahdi will come naked on the Sun disk, and still want to be called Muslims !!! Ya Allah !!!

  • Following is one of the answer i copy /paste from above answers.Which is very shocking ,but quite self explanatory.

    It shows the love Shia has for Makkah and madina .

    In the enmity of Muslims and Saudi arabia They for got the importance of Maskkah and Madina.Makkah is the city mention in quran ,And these two holy mosques in which prayer's reward exagerated to 100 thousand and thousand times more than any city in the word.

    So when we quote from their books that they love Karbala more than Makkah ,they start acuusing us for lier.and deny this fact .their books r filled with these kind of thing.

    READ this answer and learn a lesson that how the enmity of some thing makes a person blind.

    Some time truth comes accidently from the tongue.even one wana hide it.


    "what does location have anything to do with it?

    saudi arabia is pretty corrupted by the way.

    you're going to prove sunni school of thought right based on "its in saudi arabia"?

    iraq is very holy land in case you didnt know. so much islamic history happened there. probably even more than saudi arabia"

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      The Shia claim that the Hajj to Karbala (Hajj to Karbala ???)) is worth more than the Hajj to Mekka. This is their religion !!!

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    My great Grandfather is a Shia from Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and a Sayyed, but then they went to Iraq. There is quite a strong Shia base in Saudi and other countries but they tend to hide their faith because they get persecuted if they say they are 'Shia' even though they do everything the 'Sunni' way and share very close beliefs. Our Sunni brothers are not very tolerating.

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    what does location have anything to do with it?

    saudi arabia is pretty corrupted by the way.

    you're going to prove sunni school of thought right based on "its in saudi arabia"?

    iraq is very holy land in case you didnt know. so much islamic history happened there. probably even more than saudi arabia

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    Wahhabis Killed them and rest ran away for their lives but you will be surprised to know that there are still Shias living in Medina

    Do you knoe that there were 40% shias living in Hijaz before Saudis took over. Now there are only 20%. Rest either Saudis killed them, forced them to become wahhabis or ran away for their lives. Read history the old rulers of Muslimworld were very cruel. Either accept their political faith or accept death. There was no third choice. Same choice was given to Imam Hussain (as).

    AbuBaker and Umar tried to give same choice to Imam Ali (as) and Fatima (as). They did not accept so they burned the house of Fatima (as)

    Do you know that AbuBaker killed 10,000 Muslims (sahhabbas) because they refused to accept him as Khalifa.

    My ancestors came from Medina too in the time of Abbasid.

    Do you know that Al-Mutawakkil 847 - 861 of Abbasid.destroyed Karbala and try to plow the grave of Imam Hussain (as) and then try to change the course of river towards the grave of Imam Hussain (as). You can still see the signs of those atrocities in Iraq. Al-Mutawakkil killed millions of Shias.

    Many Iraqis became Shia after seeing the miracles from the graves of Imam Ali (as) and Imam Hussain (as).. Iranians became shias after seeing the miracles from the grave of Imam Reza (as) and his relatives buried in Iran. NOBODY FORCED THEM.

    Mohammed [Ducky for BA (or

    Why you people invent dumbest excuses to justify your sick faith.

    Did you ask this question to Allah? Why did he allow iblees to misguide us?

    Do you know why only 1/5 of the world population is Muslim while Islam is the best religion?

    And about Shiaism, It is not we say it, it is written in your SUNNI books that Shia were the people who were gathered in the house of Fatima (as) immediate after the death of her father. Your Shakhayn were opposed to them.

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      For your info, Iran was largely Sunni before the Safawid came to power in the 15th century. They forced all Iranians under the threat of death to become Shia. Hundreds of thousands were still killed. Baghdad was invaded, burned to the ground, and at least 100,000 of its inhabitants were killed.

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    I have no idea. I was wondering this too. Hmm...looking forward to the the answers. i'm very curious

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    Remember that forever.

  • You have NO IDEA how many Shias are in Medina.

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    I agree with HBK but I don't believe they all do~!

    You do come up with some excellent questions...!

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