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Which one is better English football vs Italian football?

Let me check, Italians are the current World Cup champions and have won it 4 times. England only won it once and that was 42 years ago. Milan itself has won the Champions league 7 times which is the same as every team in EPL combined. Don't even get me started in how many times a player in Serie A has won the Best player in the world award. So English fans instead of getting cocky learn how to play or watch the rest of Europe play in Euro 08 from your television.


hmm guess who are the current champions oh wait Milan are

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  • Sharon
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    4 years ago

    Serie A isn't better than the Premier League. A lot of people have criticized traditional English and Italian play but I personally like the Italian style more. Italy is imo better than England when it comes to national teams. Italy has won four World Cups and England has won one so historically Italy has been better.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry Sasan, but that's all in the past... Currently there are no Serie A teams left in the Champions League tournament and out of the last four teams 3 are English, and Cristiano Ronaldo WILL win player of the year.

    And on the international topic I care for neither team.

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    I'm not English or Italian, I like both styles of football, I support man utd, but have watched the likes of Italy, Juventus, Milan, Parma, Lazio, Inter, Roma amongst others for the last 15 years. Liking both of them it's tough to choose which is the better.

    the amount of times England have won the world cup can't reflect on english football in general. alot of the players in English football don't even play for England, they weren't even born there. there is a few brazilians, and as you know they have won the world cup more times than Italy. you shouldn't live in the past, you live in the present, and at the moment there is 3 english teams (& one spanish) and no Italian teams in the semi-finals of the champions league.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes Italian Serie A is better overall but not in this moment of time. Arsenal kicked Milan's a**. Roma are nothing compared to Manchester United. Inter will always be Inter. EPL is currently better than Serie A. No doubt about it. So how about you Sasan? Nice Roma background you had on your 360. I thought you were a Milan fan? Exactly.

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    I agreed with most of your points except the last comment about English fans getting cocky was completely wrong.

    There are not enough Englishmen in the 4 EPL teams in the CL to put a team into Euro 08

  • Vid15
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    1 decade ago

    Firstly you are confusing the English national team with the English premier league.

    Let me see.Man United beat Roma(the team which you backed to win the CL) with half the first team on the bench.When you mention all the trophies,you're talking about the past.Serie A used to be better than the premier league,but all the money,foreign players and foreign managers have improved the premier league.The Serie A it self has gone backwards too.

    Just take Juventus for example.They first signed Sissoko who,I think,was Liverpool's worst central midfielder and now they want to sign Harry Kewell(another failure at Liverpool).

    Why can't you just accept that the premier league has elevated its standards?Its not the English fans who're cocky.Its you.You are glory hunter who comes online whenever he wants to brag.All genuine Italian fans here feel embarrassed by your behaviour.Go learn some feckin' modesty.

    Source(s): Germany will kick the ladyboys in the Euros.
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    English football

  • Anonymous
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    we all know italia is better than english NT.

    but you're such a ladyboy for asking this question just when the last serie thug teams got eliminated without the best player in the world and man utd's main weapon not playing.

    everyone can see past your insecurity.

    speaking of arrogant, look in the mirror. oh btw, the most arrogant user was that milanista4ever. he doesn't show his face since milan and inter got booted.

    btw, if you don't know me. this is that annoying galaxy fan. lmao.

    @fresh fool, serie A is defensive making it counterattacking. if you want exciting football, watch la liga.

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    I stay up to date with every move in the EPL and La Liga

    Both of those leagues are edge of your seat action

    but hell, I'd rather watch the news than Serie A

    My GF loves Milan... the most exciting game Milan has had ALL season was against Arsenal, sweet loss for them

    Please don't embarrass yourself saying Serie A is in any way entertaining....

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    That's really hard to figure out, Italy won 4 World Cups qualified for Euro, can't say that for England can we?

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