Advertising a Photography Business?

My friend and I have a photography business. The only problem for him is advertising. What is the best way for us to advertise our business.


As far as We do everything from reunions, parties, school events (proms and graduations), and other special events, sports events, portrait photography, weddings, some single photo, modeling.

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    There are plenty of ways to advertise your business whether its about Photography or something totally different.

    If you don't have a website setup I'd suggest getting one to help advertise and promote your business.

    If you have a website, list your business in popular search engines. Do a search on search engines for similar business and see where they are listed, then try and list on those websites too. Some of those might cost, others may be free to list on.

    Do letterbox drops, advertise in magazines, advertise in your local paper.

  • Dilyan
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    The first thing is to decide on your target market and related appropriate service offer: Are you specialized in bridal photography, or action photography, or urban architecture photography, or food photography for magazines .. then comes the advertising. The entire kit consists of business cards to give whenever possible, portfolio - could be as simple as gallery at flickr, testimonials, service-price table, etc.. the way to attract customers is either by positioning yourself at places where your target audience goes (like marriage consultants, or sporting events, or food expositions if you are specialized in one of those ) or/and to make yourself searchable - yellow pages, local classifieds, web page with PPC ads, even using flayers in the stores of the art district of your city.

    The rule is to know your target audience and to offer them what they want (even if they are not aware of it) at the time and place where they want it.

    Have a good one.

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    I'm a photographer, and I found some really cool Photographer car magnetic signs and banners and yard signs on this website called I didn't really know how to promote a photography business, but it worked out really well. A lot of people noticed the signs and banners because they're full color, and you don't see a lot of that. They look great, and I've gone back to Signazon for decals some property signs, too. I even got my political yard signs from them this year! :) I hope that you find that helpful!

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    We've recently started a new business of our own. We set up a myspace and so far 75% of our business has come from clients seeing us there. There are so many people logging on every minute, who knows how many people see our site or a thumbnail or a bulletin of ours every day!

    Check it out

    It's so easy to customize your page. You can run promotions through there (we did, "Anyone who adds us to their top friends get 25% off their next order"), you can post bulletins advertising your business. The opportunites are endless pretty much.

    Good luck!

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    I think I saw the same magnetics that sally.w is talking about on I'm actually a wedding coordinator, and I heard that Signazon had magnetics specifically for event coordinators, performers, photographers, etc., and they TOTALLY DO! I have never seen a place that focuses so much energy on designing templates for specific industries. I would definitely try them out if I were you!

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    An inexpensive way to do it is SOCIAL MARKETING. Try myspace, facebook, linkedin, etc. It takes time but it does drive traffic. Put up a website & a blog. Start adding relevant content. This will help you rank higher is search pages and hopefully will have more clients find & hire you. Hope that helps!

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    Advertise your business on free classifieds, relevant forums and social networking websites. Monitor the response you get periodically to find out what works best. From

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    Here's what I did. Go to a website that will allow you to create a free banner like (I've used it and it's really good). Then go to a good banner exchange program like this one

    You can upload your banner to their website and simply place a snippet of their code onto your website and voila, you will have a banner exchange! That means that they will place your advertisement on some other peoples websites and you will place someone elses on yours. It worked for me and it doesn't take long to do. Hope that helps!

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    I need to know what type of photography???

    Email me and I will advise you.


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