Who is HM Anthony Santiago Martin? If you search his name you'll only find zealots posting recycled propaganda

I've come across a number of posts on WSJ articles by Filipino people who all seem to be spouting the same rehashed story about this HM Anthony Santiago Martin character. I've actually heard the name before, but know nothing about him, and don't plan on believing what little I've read from those zealots who seem to exalt him. I've also heard in the past about some crazy amount of money belonging to the people of the Philippines that are spread throughout the world, and apparently, now I see that those accounts are linked to this Anthony S Martin, thus sparking my curiosity about their connection, and the validity of this person who, for a such a supposedly powerful person, doesn't have much info online from any source... other than the zealots.

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  • Curtis
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    1 decade ago
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    Try looking in the county records department of your state.

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