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I need help on my macbook apple!?

Ok.. so like you know how on a microsoft or other laptop, if you want to save an image...you just highlight it and then click save as, like left click..or go to edit>save as....well like i cant left click on this macbook..but like i have edit>save as..but when i do that..it saves the whole website..instead of just the picture. anyone know why, or how to save a picture?

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    Move the cursor over the image you want to save and right click on it, then select "save image as" from the pop up menu. If you can't right click, you can also press the ctrl (control key) while you click on an image and that will bring up the same menu of save options.

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    i have a macbook too and when i want to copy a picture i just drag the picture to my desktop or put you pointer over the picture you want and then hold the crtl or control button and one click and it will like a menu just like windows

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