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Wonder Woman VS Jean Grey?

I'm sick to death of the Batman VS Superman question, and I also wonder why female comics characters don't get their fair share of attention, so perhaps I can kill two birds with a single stone by asking which of the most prominent DC and Marvel females would predominate over the other? The Best Answer is going to be one that explains why a particular female was picked over the other one.

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    As much as I prefer Wonder Woman, I would think the telepathic and telekinetic powers of Jean Gray would do the Amazon in . . . . unless there is some Amazonian immunity to such powers that I am unaware of

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    well, this is tricky because Jean Grey when she is in her Phonix persona would slaughter Wonder Women with out trying. Just Based on the Cosmic powers of the Phonix alone. not saying Wonder Women's not powerful but she no match for a creature that is stronger than superman. . it would be like her battleing one of her own gods. However Jean Grey with out the power of the Phonix wouldn't stand a change agaist wonderwomen. Wonder Women being an Amazon would have a mind and will that is to strong for some one like Jean Grey to control, that and the fact Jean has trouble controling her mind powers. I would say wonderwomen on the fact she is a warrier and Jean Grey isn't.

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    Wonderwoman takes it. She is a top combatant, decent strategist, and has super human strength while Jean Grey doesn't. With the brawling WW wipes the floor with her. Jean Grey with her telekantic could put up a fight but it's not long before the Amazon warrior godess breaks through. She has been able to hold back Superman, and has fought back against Darksied.

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    jean grey coz she can control wonder woman.

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