What are your thoughts about thw WNBA draft?

I know some of you dont care but i think it will help the WNBA with this draft class...the LA sparks should be dominant with lisa leslie, Candance and shannon bobbit thats Crazy!! I hope alexis hornbucle becomes a great player for the Detroit Shock

You never know..we might be playing WNBA Live 2009!!

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    A lot of talent went into the WNBA draft this season - Candace Parker is a superstar as soon as she suits up for game 1. Unfortunately, I don't think the WNBA will be around long enough to capitalize on the talent that entered the league today..

    Unless the WNBA does something to get more fans interested in their league, I don't see them making it much longer. Right now the WNBA just looks like the NBA game played with smaller, slower players. The league isn't profitable as it's set up right now, so they're at the mercy of the NBA who is currently financing them.

    The WNBA needs to do something to really differentiate themselves from the NBA game and make it more watchable on TV if they're going to succeed long term IMO. Whether that's lowering the rim 6" (they already play with a smaller ball than the NBA...) or making 3's worth 4 or 5 points, or making the court slightly smaller etc., the WNBA needs to do something to MAKE THE GENERAL PUBLIC want to watch it and go to the games. Otherwise the NBA is going to pull the plug on the WNBA and quit financing it if it doesn't start making money soon.

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    The problem with the league is many of the top collegiate players will now perform before fewer fans. Parker to Los Angeles is a PR dream for the league, but the WNBA is like the MLS; unless there is a team in the area, there really is little reason to follow the league. Living in northeast Ohio, I have had minimal interest in following the league once the Cleveland Rockers ceased operations.

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    True!!! I hope that in the next WNBA championships the Sparks will be there and maybe if we're lucky Leslie and Parker will both dunk! Man they're going to have a crazy good team this year...I cant wait to see them play!

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    It's cool for the Sparks. i don't watch much women's basketball but i really enjoy watching Candace Parker play so maybe i'll watch a game or two for the Sparks this year.

    In terms of WNBA Live 2009... not me...


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  • 1 decade ago

    The Shock did pretty good with Hornbucle and Tasha Humphrey (from UGA). LA and ATL did well drafting.

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    whats the wnba?


    Source(s): oh and you may be playing wnba live but not me i like basketball games where every player can dunk, not just 2 or 3
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    i think the sparks should also be really good with lisa leslie. i agree with you.

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    1 decade ago

    no i don't want wnba it's so boringgggggggggg!!!!!!!!shittttttttt

  • 1 decade ago

    WNBA ?????????

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