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Paypal account without a credit/debit card?

Hi. I would like to set up an account with Pay Pal. I do not have a credit or debit card to my bank account. I have noticed on the Paypal web site, it is asking you to add your credit card details. Can I still receive/send money via Pay Pal even if I don't have a credit/debit card? Can I only enter my bank account details and be able to you the Pay Pal facility? Thank you for your help

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    yes you can, though it takes longer for payments you make to clear.

    You can now get per-pay mastercards from Tuxedo or prime though These can be good for this purpose.

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    A word of warning. My credit card details that were logged with Paypal were 'comprimised' after my account had been hacked and someone then made two orders with websites adding to the amount of over £250. I know that most people have no problem but i would strongly advise against logging your account details. At least with a credit card you are automatically insured against fraud. Because my account was set up for a credit card i got a full refund.

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    paypal might have change their pocicly since your friends joined because if didnt have a way to link your acccount with a bank account or credit card you couldnt transfer money from them to your bank account there would no way for you get your money from your paypal accouint to you

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    Yes you can just use a bank account. Just enter in all your information and go through the verification process. Oh, and I believe it has to be a checking account.

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    Yes you can, my hubby has an account with only a bank account no cards added.

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    take note to sandy0 and have a look at paypal sucks. the f0ckers freeze my money for 3 weeks at a time around every six weeks.

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