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Latin 1. help me =[?

I'm in latin 1.

and i hate it!

but i cannot drop out..i have to take three years of it!

i have a C..i really need to get my grade up.

i can't memorize it.

i really need some tips.

anyone ever take a latin course?

helpful hints?

- - lexx =]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I studied Latin for 2 ½ years in high school. The best way to learn Latin is to simply try to memorize the grammatical rules declensions, verb forms, tenses, voices, etc. But don't just try to memorize them, write them down as you study, and work with the words as you decline nouns, conjugate verbs, or learn new voices, etc. Do it over and over again if necessary to impress them on your mind. This method is called "inculcation," which is, coincidentally, a word derived from the Latin infinitive "inculcare," which means "to instill or force upon." See, we've already found a good use for Latin. Anyway, I found inculcation to be the most effective method for learning Latin, especially when studying for vocabulary quizzes. Writing the words down over and over again, including their definitions, the declensions for nouns, and the present, past, and perfect participial forms and infinitive forms for verbs especially helps to impress them on the mind. Another thing which really helps is to try to translate as much as possible. The more, the better, because it forces the brain to actively think in the language you are trying to learn. I found this especially effective several years later when I took a German course in college. In the course of one year we were forced to read several small books about different German historical characters, such as Thomas Mann (a German-American author), Albert Einstein and John August Sutter (the man responsible for the California gold rush of 1849). It made me start thinking in German, and thus I made straight A's in the course. Of course, it didn't hurt that I'm part German. In fact, my last name is German. So I guess I had a natural affinity for the language.

    Many people claim that Latin is a dead language, but it really isn't, because at least 20%, perhaps more, of the words we use in English derive in some way or another from Latin words. For that reason alone, I recommend you stick with your study of Latin for now. I know that it can sometimes be boring, but in the end it will be worth it, because it will help expand your vocabulary and your mind immensely.

    Even today I have a copy of a Latin dictionary sitting on the bookshelf near my bed, as well as a copy of Latin idioms, colloquialisms, and other sayings. Sometimes I drag them out just to refresh my memory and marvel at a language which, though now essentially unspoken, except by Latin teachers and Roman Catholic prelates, still wields a lot of influence in our daily lives, because we use their words every day when we speak English.

  • 5 years ago

    Take Spanish, in which do they talk Latin at the moment except Vatican City? Nowhere! And studying Spanish is rewarding and less complicated on account that there may be plenty of media helping the training. Like track, TV, books, films, Sports (as in fits), and many others. I discovered each so I recognise what I'm speaking approximately. Latin is a well language, I preferred it, however concerning my problem now I could say that Spanish will make me transfer ahead someday. If you are nonetheless no longer certain what you desire, decide upon a sheet of paper and write down the Pros and Cons of each and every languages and why you desire to be trained them. Then come to a decision! Wish you the entire first-rate and well good fortune! =)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get on your bike and head over to the Latinum podcast, and start listening to the Adler lessons. I think you'll find you actually might begin enjoying yourself. Download the lessons to your mp3 player, or listen to them from your computer.

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