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Pain Pump Question?

Does anyone know anything about "Pain Pumps" that are surgically implanted, and refilled monthly, every-other-month? The question I have about them are, does it affect your brain as if you took an oral pain killer the same way. For example, If I took an 8 Mg. Dilaudid, It makes me woozy where I have a hard time functioning, But kills the pain. Now if the Pain-Pump deliver's the Dilaudid, Is it going to affect my brain the same way? Will my mind be affected the same as if I took the medicine orally? These answers are going to help me determine if I should have this surgery or not. So serious answers only please. Thank You so much for your time and help with this for me. Any Dr.'s or R.N.'s Input would be so helpful, But will listen to all advice. Thank You all again, Rocky K. (Edit) I have been living with this pain for over 30 years now. I am 70, and can no-longer take it, Nor how the "Oral-Med.'s" make me feel. Should I do this? Or will it be the same as Orally taking it? Thank You.


Thank's kim, I'll be sure to stay-colpetely away from " Prialt " should I decide on this. Thank You so much for your input. I failed my Stimulator-Trial. They said I was "Not a Canidate" after having me on it for 7 days, and it was at max-output, with no relief for me sorry to say. I wanted it to work so-bad because I have heard so many good things about the device. Anyways, Thank You again for the input.

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    Hi, Not a dr or nurse but I know a man who had a pump implanted and he has had nothing but trouble with it. He's had several infections and even after a year and a half they have not found the right drug and dosage for him. He had severe edema in his legs a month after implantation, so severe he was hospitalized for three weeks because of it.

    about a month ago he had an incident where he went out for a drive and got lost in his own neighborhood. He was missing for hours and his wife was worried sick. the next day his doctor told her this was a side affect of the Prialt they had him on via the pump. Prialt is the newest med they're using for pain control in the pump but they don't mention that early onset dementia is a possible irreversible side effect.This 35 year old man now not only suffers from chronic pain but dementia. He will never be able to work again, drive a car, or go out alone.

    I'm sorry, I don't want to scare you for no reason but these things really make me nervous now. I met this man about 3 years ago in my chronic pain support group and he seems 30 years older today than he did then.

    If you decide on the pump just stay away from Prialt whatever you do.

    I have a spinal stimulator, has your doctor ever talked about that? Personally, I had much more success with the stimulator than I have heard of anyone having with the pump. I know two other people with a stim and they feel as I do, they're so glad they had the stimulator implanted. the stimulator sends short electric impulses into your spine, it doesn't hurt but it does "distract' the pain signal. Problem is that it's only affective for about 10 years and then you're back to square one.

    Good luck.

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    I might modify your pumping time table to pump extra almost always for much less time each 24-hour interval. It may also be painful to pump on an "empty" breast, and I suspect that whilst you wait see you later among pumpings, you attempt to make up for it through pumping longer. And you will not be making a lot milk on account that you're no longer pumping almost always adequate. Pumping for eight instances in 24 hours is the minimal, and you are saying four-eight. With PCOS and coffee milk deliver, I might recommend each two hours for 10 mins for the period of the day, each three-four at night time. Also make certain you shouldn't have the vacuum grew to become too top. Good good fortune and completely happy vacations

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