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What player do you want your team to draft this year?

state your team and who you think they should draft, and round too

the football section is slow today isnt it?

stars would be much appreciated

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    Packers - I want the to pick up the best available CB. To the guy that said we need a safety,...?!?!? Atari bigby hellooooo. The corners are the ones that are aging.

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    My team is Cleveland,but seeing as though we do not have any picks until the 4th round (which is fine with me) I am going to discuss the Raiders pick. I think a fantasy would be for them to draft McFadden and actually have a great backfield instead of a buncha has beens, but looking at their situation they really need a line. They should Draft Long of Michigan if they get the chance and pickup Gallery and the other could of's and show them what a realy young talent can do. They have a QB (Russell) if he isnt the size of Jabba the Hutt, by the time the season starts. And a good TE/Receiver combination. Their defense is phenominal (not the D Line, the secondary). Special teams, even without Chris Carr, will be fine. Like I said, build a line, but the flashy pick would be McFadden.

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    Welcome 3rd star get stars you must give young packer.

    Anyway...I want the 49ers to draft Gosder Cherlious out of BC. The 49ers really need a left tackle in him. Staley was moved to left tackle, and struggled a lot because he is actually a right tackle. If they can pick up Cherlious, it would be a huge boost to their offensive line, then Alex Smith might be able to throw the ball down the field. In that sense, the 49ers might score some points.

    The picks I don't like...Anything that has to do with a WR in the first round. Our main concern is that offensive line production, and we really need him. Most mock drafts have him going 27th to the Chargers. I just hope he is there at 29. The 49ers don't need a James Hardy.

    Good luck!!

    Edit: Wade, the Colts don't get a first round pick because they traded it to the 49ers. In turn the 49ers traded their very high first round pick to the Pats.

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    DeSean Jackson, out of Cal in the first round. The Dallas Cowboys need a new young reciever, DeSean fills that role, secondly he reminds me a lot of Deven Hester, he could make the Dallas offense that much more better by giving them a better starting field position than they had last season. Also while they do need a CB until the Pacman Jones rumors come true or are crushed I will say Dallas should go with DeSean who should be around for Dallas simply due to other teams needs, and he is a little shorter than ideal for NFL standards.

    Source(s): Cowboys fans.
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    well the rule says that u have to be 1 year removed from high school to get drafted. So an NBA team can draft a player from Europe but the player doesnt have to play until they want to

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    I would like Denver to use their 1st round pick (#12) on Ryan Clady, OL out of Boise State.

    The Broncos OL is getting a bit long in the tooth for the most part and some young talent would be a boost. Clady is an animal...I live in Boise and have watched him for the last 3 years. He could really protect Cutler's blind side.

    Either that, or I'd like to see the Broncs trade down and get a 2nd and 3rd rounder for their #12 overall pick. It would be nice to see them snag a WR or two in the mid rounds.

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    Baltimore Ravens Matt Ryan

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    The Buffalo Bills- They need to draft a WR, hopefully Limas Sweed, to take pressure of Lee Evans

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    I'd like the Vikings to select DeSean Jackson, but they might be leaning toward a 1st round OL with recent offseason developments concerning their starting OL.

    AZ Cardinals should select Antoine Cason.

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    I would like to see the Broncos trade down and pick up a extra pick. Then pick the best available OL in the first round. In later rounds they need to boost the receiving core and pick up a threat to compliment Marshall.

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