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They walk among us...Part 1?

Series of jokes to make you smile. Sandy


I was at the checkout of a Kmart. The clerk rang up $46.64 charge. I gave her a fifty dollar bill. She gave me back $46.64.

I gave it back to her and told her that she had made a mistake in MY favor and gave her the money back. She became indignant and informed me she was educated and knew what she was doing and returned the money again. I gave her the money back again... same scenario! I departed the store with the $46.64.

This happened in Austin at MoPac Blvd and Parmer Lane .

They Walk Among Us and Many Work Retail.


I walked into a Mickey D's with a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for a sandwich. I handed it to the girl and she looked over at a little chalkboard that said "buy one-get one free." "They're already buy-one-get-one-free", she said, "so I guess they're both free." She handed me my free sandwiches and I walked out the door.

They Walk Among Us and Many Work Retail.

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    these are so good..and true. they are among us!

    **star for you**

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    I almost choked with the third one and I'm the college computer room and I study in a Japanese college so you can imagine how ashamed I am feeling right now. good luck and good jokes.

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    That has never happened to me! Very good, I look forward to the day when it does!!

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    LoL its true i was victim of that once myself....but i was nice and told her it was her mistake

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    De De De! Well, she said she knew what she's doing.

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    LOL, I need to shop there

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    lol cute! have a star!

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    Aren't you glad they do?

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    i think we need more of em.

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    These are all hilarious.......keep it up!

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