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What's the record for the number of ships in bottles you've built while....?

....waiting for a Yahoo page to load? And did God help you to achieve it?


Contemplative! Long time no see :P

Update 2:

I have a high-speed connection and a pretty fast computer I've only made 2 payments on so far, Sweet. It's Yahoo. Only happens on Yahoo pages, and often at that :)

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    LOL... I guess it will be for eternity before I ever build ships in a bottle, it would take a lot of prayer for me to do that(not a hobby I would choose)

    I thank God we have DSL so loading is pretty easy most of the time.

    Every now-and-then I catch Yahoo having coffee I go make some and join them.


    Source(s): Oh Ok. Well maybe they should upgrade....LOL. There are other things they could upgrade too. Like all this reporting nonsense.
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    i built a working model of titanic, complete with iceberg and break-up, in an absolut bottle i happened to have laying by the computer desk. i'm going to add the exploration ship and submersibles next time it bogs down, but i have to figure out where they can go during the sinking reenactment, and what to use for the heart of the ocean.

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    Ship seeds

  • JimmyQ
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    1 decade ago

    0 in 0 minutes

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    In times of overload, when the page is slow in loading, I play solitaire, in another link, so that my computer never has to set idle.

    it get very confused when it has to set idle for any length of time.

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  • Donna
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    1 decade ago

    I've made about 27 in 15 minutes, want to buy a few?

  • Vishal
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    1 decade ago

    COD destroys all my ships in bottles because he wants them out on the ocean.

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    after I stare blankly at the screen I could down a whole cup of coffee, then stare again

  • Exactly none, but thanks for the suggestion. I've been wondering what I should be doing when that happens and all I can come up with is laundry. ;o)

  • 1 decade ago

    no and never will

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