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The meaning of M-V-P? (fan-v.s.-being real)?

Right now its pretty much set on the 3 players up for grabs.....K.G, Kobe, and CP3?

And all of them have there cases.

K.G.>> last years 24-58 record, to a 60+ year!! basically he's the glue to Boston's defense and energy, numbers are down but doing it the old Celtic way!!

Kobe>> Summer "Beef" last season record 42-40, now 53-25 is the best player in the world, but hasn't had the biggest effect like CP3 or K.G.! (not a hater statement just a fact) The Lakers are one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA!

CP3>>last season record 39-43, Now 54-22 be honest plp nobody expected them to be this good!! Also take him off his team and the Hornets are a lottery team, has made West, and Chandler effective players to count on!

This is were being a fan or being real comes to play! Whose your 2007 MVP? (and explain your case)


DMAN "LOL" perfect!!

Update 2:

"Deee-troit Basketball" respectable argument!!

Update 3:

"erik b" lottery team= true

8 Answers

  • DMAN
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Lakers are 11-10 without Bynum and Gasol. How's that for Kobe's "consistency" ?!?

    6-5 without Bynum before Gasol, and 5-5 without Gasol since his arrival.

    And 25-11 with Bynum and 17-5 with Gasol.

    Hmmm... I wonder why the Lakers are doing so well this season... hmmm... NO, I DON'T WONDER!

    The Lakers are doing well this season because of Bynum and Gasol! Why is Kobe getting all the credit for leading the team is beyond me!

    This is just like when Kobe got voted into the 1997 All-Star game his rookie season for averaging 15 minutes with 7 points and 2 turnovers in the season! Actually, for the first half of that season, Kobe was averaging 13 minutes with 6 points and 2 turnovers! And that's an All-Star caliber season?!? Kobe actually got the votes? David Stern didn't select him!

    So here's my congratulations to Kobe for getting the MVP this season. It's just like his 1997 All-Star honors. Congrats.

    I picked Kobe as this year's MVP for this reason. Kobe will be MVP despite that he does not deserve it and that it made no sense, just like the Gasol trade to the Lakers. Gasol for 2 late first round draft picks?

    The players who actually deserve the nominations are Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum. Yup, with the 11-10 record, Kobe is just like Lebron James. They don't deserve the nominations.

    Gasol and Bynum for Co-MVPs! Bynum for the first half and Gasol for the second half.

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  • I think it has to go to CP3. I mean, KG has two Hall of Famers with him and so does Kobe arguably (Gasol, Odom and Bynum, take your pick). Chris Paul made David West and Tyson Chandler All-Star caliber players. Nobody had ever heard of David West before Chris Paul showed up. He went from being unheard of, to decent allround production to All-Star. This is no coincidence considering that Paul's game has developed rapidly. Paul is THE BEST point guard in the NBA, other than maybe Chauncey Billups. He has no real supporting cast. The Lakers and the Celtics also have two of the best benches in the league and this plays a huge role considering that they (Kobe, KG, CP3) spend a lot of time playing with the bench while the other starters get a rest. Celtics were expected to be great. Lakers were expected to be top6 seed in playoffs. Hornets were expected to miss the playoffs by a long margin. Paul's Hornets are above Kobe in the rankings. CASE CLOSED!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Chris Paul for sure. And the reason is because of what you said. Take him out and they are bound for the lottery. An MVP is the most valuable player for the team. The way I look at it is if you a take a player away from a team how good are they. Paul is arguably the best point guard in the league right now and is proving it with the team he is with. All the other players on the team are good, but not great.

    If you took Kobe and KG off their teams, they obviously wouldn't be as good either, each command double and sometimes triple teaming them just to slow them down, but both teams would make the playoffs with out their respective superstar.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with Erik B. Both Kobe and KG teams would make the playoffs at least as the 8th seed. While NOK would be a lottery. I think thought that the main reason Kobe will never get the MVP is because of a. He's not a team player and b. he thinks he's bigger the game or team.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a Laker fan. So I would like Kobe to get it. But the way NO is playing (without fans too), how can you not give it to Paul. When the Lakers were struggling, w/o a big man, (Bynum and Gasol's injuries) it did not help Kobe's cause. MVP usually means, best individual player on the best team (according to the NBA).

    To be honest, the only way I see Kobe getting this award, is that they feel he deserves it for his work in his previous seasons.

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  • boyd
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's between Kobe and CP3 now, but after that great performance against Utah, I think CP3 pretty much secured a MVP vote.

    Did you see David West carrying the Hornets yesterday!!?? He is just as important to that team as CP3, Lakers would be crap without Kobe.

    BUT, we will find out who the MVP really is when Lakers play the Hornets, everything on 1 game, BRING IT!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    MVP- the Most Valuable Player on his team and league as well.

    Kobe Bryant is the MVP this season because he is so consistent from day one up to this point of the season. Remember, he even played for TEAM USA this past summer and still he has that kind of energy to play up to the plyaoffs.

    Chris Paul? his team did'nt qualify last years NBA playoff and he did'nt play for TEAM USA, so he has enough energy.

    Kobe is this years MVP

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