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Input sought regarding Yahoo Answers?

I asked a perfectly legitimate question on Yahoo Answers: "When you were a kid, what's the meanest thing another kid ever did to you?" I received 23 answers, and was given three stars, indicating that three people found the question interesting. I was just about to pick the best answer when the question was removed. This makes no sense to me in light of other questions that Yahoo Answers does not delete, as shown by the following examples:

1. Do you have any friends who walk funny?

2. Could God use logic so circular, even he couldn't run circles around it?

3. How would you walk if your feet were made of corn dogs?

4. When a dog sneezes, is that demons leaving its body?

5. Do you think you could seduce the pope if you had an hour alone with him?

6. Who knows how to be evil?

I was looking forward to being a member of the Yahoo Community, but after having two good questions deleted, I have decided that I Yahoo answers is a waste of time. Can you blame me?

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    No - I don't blame you at all.

    I have had two questions removed today. Nothing wrong with them whatsoever. So take heart - it is NOT you that is in the wrong. This being the open circus that it is - not all the clowns are in the ring!

    But don't lets abandon the asylum to the inmates .... please, even if you feel angry now - join me in a deep breath and pray for the ignorant sons of bi....... lets just wish them happiness and joy in their pettiness!

    Yours was a question that a lot of people would have liked to share memories of - and I think that is what THIS site is for - not just the YES/NO answers to problems that we all have wit to answer in a thousand different ways - but to exchange and to see exchanged our many different experiences of life.

    Please stay - it gets lonely some times - and I think you would be surprised if you knew how many people enjoy answering even the most everyday questions .... its called communication.

  • Miz D
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    1 decade ago

    I've had several questions deleted and received those nasty little emails from the Y/A about chatting. It's just the price you pay for using Yahoo Answers. Remember that lesson you learned in grade school ..... Life is not fair.

    A word of advice, make all of your Questions and Answers private. Don't allow contacts or fans. No IM, 360 or email. Then a person who means to cause you trouble by reporting your Questions and Answers will have less access to you. Good luck and best wishes!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have been wondering about violations and questions/answers removed etc. Your question seems innocent enough. I have asked similar questions myself i.e. an excuse to look into the past and exchange experiences with other Seniors. It would be a shame if you allow this to stop you enjoying the comradeship that we have on this site. I look forward to spending an hour or two in the evening looking at the questions and answers and occasionally contributing something myself. Like Gladys, I once made a comment about the poor grammar in a question. Why she had her answer deleted and I didn't, I don't know. This raises a question in my mind - is this only happening to people in America? Has anyone from the UK had anything deleted?

  • NanaT
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    1 decade ago

    Honestly, I think of Y!A as just being a silly diversion, I don't take anything on here very seriously. My attitude about it is, if you can learn something..I mean, really learn something that you didn't know, then that's wonderful.

    If it's fun, that's great and that's why I'm here. Whether that's just being silly kind of fun or interesting fun, I don't care. I just like fun.

    But, a lot of it has to be ignored or it'll drive you nuts. The trolling, the thumbs down and the erroneous reporting is all just ridiculous and done by people who are children looking for action/reaction, by drunks and drug addicts who aren't in their right minds, lonely and angry name it, you're going to run the gamit of society here.

    How you take it all, is up to you. If you find that you've stopped having fun, that's when I leave a site. I hope you stick around but if you feel that you would be happier elsewhere, I can understand that too.

    Either way, be happy and fair winds and gentle seas...


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is definately not the place to stay if you are thin-skinned. You're an adult. You should be able to work around it. But that entails having to make changes, use your creative abilities, learn new things & be willing to take a chance or two & accept failure as a part of the program. If you aren't the type of person who can let this stuff roll off your back, then you probably should go. I hope you find your niche & a bit of happiness in this big old small world.

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    My answer will probably be deleted too but I think that there are some folks that randomly report us, or have issues with intelligent, thoughtful questions because they themselves are more interested in meaningless ones. Like you, I'm fairly new to the Seniors community. I've seen YA pull some very solid questions and like Gladys says the only reason I can see for that is that the question struck home in some way.

    I think if we just give up, though, we'll be denying each other the joy of answering important (to us) questions and receiving the lovely answers we often get here. Stick with us a while longer and we'll keep on doing what we do best: being our lovely and kindly selves.


    Look at all the thumbs downs being given to reasonable and civilized answers. What does that tell you about some of the folks that want to create problems. It's not you, it's not me, it's them.

  • Ethel
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    4 years ago

    Go to this site and look for some of the symptoms. It is not schizophrenia, that involves different personalities. Sounds like it is just a phobia/paranoia, this could be a different type of mental condition. But I highly suggest going and looking at this site, there are even online tests that can be taken for assistance.

  • Gladys
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    1 decade ago

    I wish I could explain how and why perfectly good questions & answers are deleted. All I can imagine is that Yahoo is just so big that when someone presses the "report it" button, there is no rational check to validate that there is really a problem. Keeping that in mind, I still keep plugging away. I hope you do too.

    Just yesterday I responded to a question about "Senior Skip Day" in which high school seniors skip a day of school. The question was filled with spelling and grammatical errors and I merely pointed that out and suggested that the person attend their classes that day. I was not trying to be smug because we all make spelling and grammatical errors. But as a former teacher, I see value in attending classes instead of skipping them. Well, I received an e-mail and my answer was deleted because I was being "inconsiderate to participants". I guess that answer struck close to home for somebody and they reported it!

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    It's funny, I started MY question with a "What are the,,,," question, and BAM !, it was removed and I get a "violation notice" (Off Sides, 5 yards)....It was posted in Gov and politics, and pertained to the presidential race, but I must have made "something" or someone mad.

  • vinny
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    1 decade ago

    Hi, I don't ask questions anymore, and rarely answer some, for the exact same reason you mention. As soon as I can find something I really like, I won't be back.

    It is a shame, because there are some REALLY nice people here that I very much enjoyed "talking" to. The bottom line is this: Nice questions will continue to be deleted, and I and others will never know why.Don't beat yourself up, you did nothing wrong. Vinny

    Source(s): Oh, Oh ! I was chatting, Better read this fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
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