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How did Al Gore become an expert on Global Warming?

Did he complete a degree in Environmental Engineering? Did he take an advanced course in Meterology or Climateology?

Seems to me there are many scientists and researchers on both sides of the global warming issue. Gore is an attorney by education and a politician by trade. When and where did he get his information, check the validity, and debate with the naysayers that have more scientific knowledge than him? I will acknowledge he has done a good job of sounding the alarm. I'm just a little suspect that he has done all the research and fully investigated all scientifuc evidence before getting on his soap box.

Do you know where he gets his info? Is it fed to him or does he spend hours in the librbary and labaratory researching and studying??

Or is he just a mouthpiece?

Personally I Think he is fed the info, hasn't done his homework and is just repeating what he has been told. Nothing wrong with that....just want some truth....what do you think?


Sad Man:

I have a BS in Civil Engineering and a MS in International Finance. I also hold a unlimited GC license in Florida.

Update 2:

I know I did my homeowrk and research and I dont speak authoritatively unless I've done my own homework and checked facts....he is an attorney and knows the proper procedure for presenting evidence...I believe he is sensationalizing the issue.

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    He's a mouthpiece spouting the "new leftest" rant that is designed to destroy Capitalism and bring about the new Socialist state.

    What he says isn't being borne out by true science and as a spokesman, he's really hypocritical in his own life.

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    He's just a mouthpiece. That's what us "alarmists" have been saying all along. Gore doesn't do the research himself - he just listens to what the scientists have to say and makes it understandable to the general public. In the process he makes a few minor errors, but does a good job getting the general point across.

    In the end he's irrelevant to the science, and I wish everybody would accept that. Criticizing Al Gore is not a valid way to dispute the anthropogenic global warming theory. If you want to dispute the theory, dispute the science, not the messenger.

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    he's been researching it a long time, so maybe not an 'expert' as in thats what his degree is in, but a very well informed person.

    remember, he was vice president!

    Gore's interest in environmentalism began when he was a teenager. Gore stated in a 1989 interview for the New York Times:

    " As I was entering high school, my mother was reading Silent Spring and the dinner table conversation was about pesticides and the environment [...] The year I graduated from college the momentum was building for Earth Day. After Vietnam, as I was entering divinity school, the Club of Rome report came out and the limits to growth was a main issue."

    "Gore was one of the first politicians to grasp the seriousness of climate change and to call for a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases. He held the first congressional hearings on the subject in the late 1970s."

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    he doesn't really know that much about global warming. He doesn't really know much about running his own home. It is a heavy resource user,it isn't a green machine.Anything he says in his movie is scripted, by writer who know something. Gore just reads what is put in front of him,if the script had 'the sky had a paisley hue in it today' this is what he would say.He is sucking in the American public left and right,the greens are hanging on his every word like nectar from the gods.What does he care about the environment,he is laughing all the way to the bank with his royalty cheques to the bank in his Humvee

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    AlGore is NOT an expert in anything except political manipulation. In that particular field, he is a master of his trade with the evidence presented being the anthropogenic global warming (now known as 'climate change' to cover all bases) scare and carbon credit scam in which he purchases dispensations from himself to 'cover' his Gulfstream and various mansion's 'carbon footprint'.

    Gore is also a socialist who is working very diligently to undermine the republic that is the U.S.A. and who is promoting his socialist agenda through increased governmental 'services' such as universal healthcare, submission to U.N. rule, & etc.

    His comedy, "An Inconvenient Truth" is so laden with scientific and factual errors that it is actually not funny but the leftist school system is forcing children to view it anyway and is teaching this travesty as "science".

    Here is truth about global warming:

    Global warming is one-half of the climatic cycle of warming and cooling.

    The earth's mean temperature cycles around the freezing point of water.

    This is a completely natural phenomenon which has been going on since there has been water on this planet. It is driven by the sun.

    Our planet is currently emerging from a 'mini ice age', so is

    becoming warmer and may return to the point at which Greenland is again usable as farmland (as it has been in recorded history).

    As the polar ice caps decrease, the amount of fresh water mixing with oceanic water will slow and perhaps stop the thermohaline cycle (the oceanic heat 'conveyor' which, among other things, keeps the U.S. east coast warm).

    When this cycle slows/stops, the planet will cool again and begin to enter another ice age.

    It's been happening for millions of years.

    The worrisome and brutal predictions of drastic climate effects are based on computer models, NOT CLIMATE HISTORY.

    As you probably know, computer models are not the most reliable of sources, especially when used to 'predict' chaotic systems such as weather.

    Global warming/cooling, AKA 'climate change':

    Humans did not cause it.

    Humans cannot stop it.

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    He invented the internet don't cha know? That makes him an expert on everything, including the best way to get dog doo out of the kids jeans.

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    He was just one of the first in power to bring it forwards to the "consciousness" of the American public.

    So automatically anyone like yourself who wants to badmouth him, calls him a wanna be expert.

    His info is from international studies, the result of the rest of the civilized globe shouting at America to pay attention.

    Personally I think you are just trolling here with little or no respect for real environmental concerns . . . . . what do you think :-P

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    He Is just fed this stuff he knows nothing there Is no such thing as global warming. It Is a natural cycle what ever happens Is supposed to happen.

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    He told the truth.

    Global warming -- a gradual increase in planet-wide temperatures -- is now well documented and accepted by scientists as fact. A panel convened by the U.S National Research Council, the nation's premier science policy body, in June 2006 voiced a "high level of confidence" that Earth is the hottest it has been in at least 400 years, and possibly even the last 2,000 years. Studies indicate that the average global surface temperature has increased by approximately 0.5-1.0°F (0.3-0.6°C) over the last century. This is the largest increase in surface temperature in the last 1,000 years and scientists are predicting an even greater increase over this century. This warming is largely attributed to the increase of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide and methane) in the Earth's upper atmosphere caused by human burning of fossil fuels, industrial, farming, and deforestation activities.

    Average global temperatures may increase by 1.4-5.8ºC (that's 2.5 - 10.4º F) by the end of the 21st century. Although the numbers sound small, they can trigger significant changes in climate. (The difference between global temperatures during an Ice Age and an ice-free period is only about 5ºC.) Besides resulting in more hot days, many scientists believe an increase in temperatures may lead to changes in precipitation and weather patterns. Warmer ocean water may result in more intense and frequent tropical storms and hurricanes. Sea levels are also expected to increase by 0.09 - 0.88 m. in the next century, mainly from melting glaciers and expanding seawater . Global warming may also affect wildlife and species that cannot survive in warmer environments may become extinct. Finally, human health is also at stake, as global warming may result in the spreading of certain diseases such as malaria, the flooding of major cities, a greater risk of heat stroke for individuals, and poor air quality.

    Climate change is very likely having an impact now on our planet and its life, according to the latest installment of a report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). And the future problems caused by rising seas, growing deserts, and more frequent droughts all look set to affect the developing world more than rich countries, they add. The report is the second chapter of the IPCC's Fourth Assessment -- the most comprehensive summary yet of research into the causes and effects of climate change. To read more, visit Effects of climate change tallied up.


    Greenhouse Gases

    The increase in greenhouse gases caused by human activity is often cited as one of the major causes of global warming. These greenhouse gases reabsorb heat reflected from the Earth's surface, thus trapping the heat in our atmosphere. This natural process is essential for life on Earth because it plays an important role in regulating the Earth's temperature. However, over the last several hundred years, humans have been artificially increasing the concentration of these gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane in the Earth's atmosphere. These gases build up and prevent additional thermal radiation from leaving the Earth, thereby trapping excess heat.

    Solar Variability & Global Warming

    Some uncertainty remains about the role of natural variations in causing climate change. Solar variability certainly plays a minor role, but it looks like only a quarter of the recent variations can be attributed to the Sun. At most. During the initial discovery period of global warming, the magnitude of the influence of increased activity on the Sun was not well determined.

    Solar irradiance changes have been measured reliably by satellites for only 30 years. These precise observations show changes of a few tenths of a percent that depend on the level of activity in the 11-year solar cycle. Changes over longer periods must be inferred from other sources. Estimates of earlier variations are important for calibrating the climate models. While a component of recent global warming may have been caused by the increased solar activity of the last solar cycle, that component was very small compared to the effects of additional greenhouse gases. According to a NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) press release, "...the solar increases do not have the ability to cause large global temperature increases...greenhouse gases are indeed playing the dominant role..." The Sun is once again less bright as we approach solar minimum, yet global warming continues.



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    Yes it is funny in a way and was directed against the oil Co. ,But it is making the oil Co. billions.

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