I was married to an American for 7 years, we had two boys. When I divorced I or my sons could not live in US?

I got divorced after seven years, being married to an American. My husband did away with his parental rights, because after my divorce I went back to England to live. I then decided to go back to America, but I was informed because I had never gained American Citizenship, and it was just over a year since I left the US, my sons could return, but I could not, as my boys were only five and four, that was impossible. I was then informed my boys could claim for me when they reached eighteen. Have you ever heard of two Americans that were prevented from living in their own country? My sons are now twenty and eighteen, have US passports, but cannot remember Texas.

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    Your question and your statement say two different things...

    Your sons could return at any time. Only you could not.

    Your sons are American citizens and can claim for you now, tho you will still have to apply for citizenship, legal alien status,etc. if you wish to stay.

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    The reason your boys could not live in the US...they were 4 & 5 yrs old and your ex husband gave up his parental rights thus who are they going to live with?

    Because you were not a citizen, you had to go back and file the proper paperwork to return.

    If your ex husband would have looked after them, they could have stayed.

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    1 decade ago

    They are allowed, you have to apply for citizenship have you yet?

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