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What is Israel to the United States???

Is Israel a real great friend of the U.S or is it a burden we are carrying on our shoulders ?

U.S government is giving way too much aid to Israel from our tax money, which actually has no other friends in the world other than the u.s . Why is this so?

Detailed response would be appreciated!

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    What is Israel to the United States???

    Its America's hold in the Middle East. Why else does 2 billion US Dollars every year go to Israel? Why else does Israel have 200 nuclear warheads all of which are undeclared and subject to NO treaty. Funny how we are banging on about Iran. Israel also has the worlds only anti ballisting air system that can blow a missile out of the sky.


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    A red head step child.

    1) Israel cannot make any choices without first asking USA.

    2) Israel relies on money our government steals from us to give to them. (would america vote to financially support israel or any country?)

    3) Israel would have made peace deals if we were out of the picture.

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    Israel is the home country of the most powerful citizens of America!

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    Israel + oil = money & greed...notice how gas prices went up not long after the war started? go watch Micheal Moore's doco fahrenheit 9/11

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    Uncle Melvin.

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    my dear friend

    I'm so sorry to tell ya that

    US has no choice

    Israel has so much power in the US congress and all the important Economic sectors.

    Israel has the Zionist Lobby in all the US establishments

    and the UN too

    any way

    that's all

    i hope i gave the details u meant

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