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Does anyone else agree with me that Madonna can't actually dance?

I'm not being bitchy or wanting to put anyone down, but it just annoys me that she puts herself over as though she's an amazing dancer. Anyone who is a trained dancer (like me) can see that she doesn't actually have a natural talent for dancing. She can do some moves, but she just isn't flexible enough or doesn't have the grace needed to be a good dancer. She just annoys me as she tricks people into thinking she is 'good' at something, when she's not really.

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    I am going to assume that you are talking specifically about 00's Madonna.

    About Madonna's history, before she was a dancer Madonna actually performed as a drummer in the band Breakfast club, then as a rhythm guitarist for Emmy and the Emmy's. So that whole idea of her learning guitar at 45 is complete ****. - here is the link to a video clip if you are interested -

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    During the 80's Madonna's choreography was decent compared to how it is presently, just swagging unsteadily on stage, I understand what you mean. However, during the 80's she put a lot of vitality into her performances, her choreography wasn't very good(it was better) but she had a nice stage presence.

    Her arranged dances were probably at their highest point around 91, in my personal opinion her most innovative techniques were shown in Vogue -

    watch her at 3:08 onward.

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    I used to think she was hot before she was abducted by aliens.

    No sarcasm intended, Kip Winger was a better dancer than she was.

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    I'm rather sorry, i don't agree with you because that's your opinion! Imagine you being a mom and you just had a baby, do you think you would train as much as before, despite that horrible pain! Even though u are a trained dancer, doesnt mean you can insult madonna! I am a proffesional dancer(a pro) and I never EVER insult no other dancer since they have a higher rank thatn you! You cant say anything about them even though you think they are rubbish!

    Good Luck with your question!

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    She had lots of energy though, and how flexible is she?

    She a multi - mom , and I believe 50 yrs old. How flexible do you think she should still be, she was in her prime in the early-mid 80's

    Pop singer. Born August 16, 1958 in Rochester, Michigan. She trained as a dancer at University of Michigan before moving to New York City, where she began her professional career as a back-up singer to a number of New York groups.

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    I feel Madonna's song is bland, uninventive and unimaginative, however you can't dispute that she is first rate at advertising herself. She manages to maintain herself within the public eye by way of doing ridiculous matters. Apparently, that is what folks love to learn approximately and watch on TV. Fortunately, I've on no account purchased a CD (or MP3) of hers.

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    She could never dance.

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    Wow No actually sweetie she is a lot better than you.

    Source(s): The book of Pretension
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    who cares.. she still make lots of money

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    yes dear,u are right.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes dear,u are right.

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