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I want to ask you,why noun will write in front of a noun?

Please help!

e.g their kitchen waste

cooked food scraps

I use the library instead of buying new books.(buying and books)

(food and scaps)...-they both noun,why?

why don't adjective?

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  • HaHa
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    其實英文有複合名詞(compound noun),所謂複合名詞即:

    名詞+名詞,如:apple trees, orange juice

    或動名詞+名詞等:washing room, singing birds


    kitchen waste的kitchen就是用來說明waste從何而來

    food scraps的food也是用來形容scrap是甚麼scrap

    而至於buying new books這句是用動名詞(gerund)所組成的名詞片語


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