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我今日會向大家介紹一本書(Wolf Brother),它是(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)系列中的第一集,作者是(Michelle Paver)

現在 在我手上的是由張君玫由英文翻譯成中文的版本。

我先向大家介紹一下作者,(Michelle Paver)出生在中非,幼年搬到了英格蘭。從事專職的寫作。(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)是來自她畢生對動物、人類學和遠古時代的熱愛。同時,也出自她從旅行中得到的靈感,有一次她在南加州的一個偏遠山谷裡遇到一隻巨熊,因此留下深刻的印象。Wolf Brother是她的(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)中的第一本書。

《狼兄弟》(Wolf Brother)是一本能讓讀者聞到森林的氣息,感受森林的獨特生活,充滿故事性的冒險小說。 (Wolf Brother)被英國報章媒體譽為「石器時代的哈利波特」。無拘無束而充滿驚奇的遠古時代,陰鬱茂盛的森林以及深邃遼闊的大冰河,一望無際的藍天,讀者彷彿親身體驗到無拘無束的生活、驚險刺激的冒險,讓想像力充分發揮到極限。




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    I today can to everybody introduce a book (Wolf Brother), it is

    (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) in the series first volume, the

    author is (Michelle Paver) now is translates Chinese in my hand by

    Zhang Mr. Gui by English the edition. I first to everybody introduced

    a mean, (Michelle Paver) was born in Central Africa, the childhood has

    moved to England. Is engaged in professional writing. (Chronicles of

    Ancient Darkness) was comes from her lifetime to the animal, the

    anthropology and the ancient times time deep love. At the same time,

    also stems from her the inspiration which obtains from the travel,

    some she meets a great bear in 南加州 a far away mountain valley,

    therefore makes the profound impression. Wolf Brother is she

    (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) the center first book.

    "Wolf Brothers" (Wolf Brother) is an instinct lets the reader smell

    the forest the breath, the feeling forest unique life, fills the story

    risk novel. (Wolf Brother) by the English newspapers media reputation

    is "the Stone Age Harley baud". Unrestrained filled the surprised

    ancient times time, the dreary luxuriant forest as well as the

    profound vast big glacier, the vast blue sky, the reader experienced

    the risk as if by oneself which the unrestrained life, thrillingly

    stimulated, let the imagination fully display the limit.

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    Now I on slightly introduce as soon as deliver a letter the content

    story to occur in the A.D. previous in 4000 forest, in the book the

    character is group of brave chasers. One day, in the forest appeared

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    an evil spirit bear, the year side 12 year-old boy has held 瑞克 to

    see with own eyes the father died a tragic death under the evil spirit

    2008-04-09 18:42:56 補充:

    bear's severe palm, the father just before the end front told holds

    , ,he had evil spirit Xiong Yinte "the world spirit" on the saint

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    mountain summit, the assistance which the entreaty world worked, could

    eliminate the evil will. Spreads "listening attentively to" facing

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    various races between the prediction, holds the partner which 瑞克

    only can trust only to have the small wolf which in the journey knew,

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    he "wolf brothers"."Wolf Brothers" are about the friendship, the survival and he betrayal story. Eagerly anticipates you to return to before the number

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    millennium the dark forest: Fills the natural black magic and the

    basic terror world: This world perched the ancient times wild wolf

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    the reactionary, the tree spirit, as well as immeasurably deep "went

    into hiding the person". In a such world, trusts friend's price very

    possibly is prepares self-devotion as necessary life

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    I will introduce a book(Wolf Brother) toward everyone today, it is(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) the first in the series to gather, author BE(Michelle Paver)

    Now on the my hand of is the edition been translated into Chinese by English by Zhang Jun Mei2.

    I first introduce author (Michelle Paver)toward everyone, is born at in not, the childhood moved England.Work on a full-time writing.(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)BE come from her whole life to animals, anthropology and remote antiquity of passion.Also come from the inspiration that she gets from the trip in the meantime, once she met a huge bear in a secluded valley of South California, therefore left a deep impression.Wolf Brother is hers(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) medium first book.

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