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1.In the past month you have been late for work____more than ten occasions.

A~on B~in C~at D~of

2.The weather in this part of the country is ____it is in the south.

A~worst than B~worse C~worse than D~better

3.The reason they had the office _____was to impress the clientele.

A~to be renovated B~renovated C~for renovating D~renovation

4.It____that the criminal is still at large.

A~is believed B~believed C~was being believed D~is believing

5.Airline stewardesses____dealing with jet lag.

A~are using B~used to C~are used D~are used to

6.Management advises that shopping bags ____at the front desk.

A~are left B~left C~be left D are leaving

7.Our hotel offers ____use of our facilities during the entire lenght of your stay.

A~unlimiting B~unlimited C~unlimit D~limiting




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    In the past month you have been late for work____more than ten occasions.

    "on" the occasion, .... =(片語)"在"這場合....

    On that occasion, I was not at home.


    on more than ten occasions=多過/(超過)10回合/場次

    2.答案:*C.worse than*

    The weather in this part of the country is ____it is in the south.

    My record is "better" than your record.


    My record is " worse" than your record.better than (比...好 )的相反詞我的記錄比你的記錄差.

    better than(比....好)的相反詞是>worse than( 比....差/糟糕)

    My record is "the worst" in my class.

    我的記錄是班上"最"差的.  "最"="最高級"=要加"the"



    The reason they had the office _____was to impress the clientele.

    命令性使役動詞有has /have / make/ order/ want /command/ ...等等

    命令性使役動詞has /have / make/ order/ want /command/ ...+ O+ V原型.的句型

    命令性使役動詞+ O+ V原型.的句型

      I want you go (V原型).我要你自己走開

      I order him stand( V原型).我要求他站立

      I order him beat the cat .我要求他去打這隻貓

      I order him beat you .我要求他去打你

      正常句型>So, you will be beatten. 所以你將會被打

    使役動詞has /have / make/ order/ want /command/ ... O +V.pp過去分詞.的句型

      I want you beaten(V.pp)..我要你"被"打

       I want the car repaired(V.pp)..我要這車"被"修理

    被命令要求的人/物, 有 "被動"的動作= S主詞+V命令 O +V.pp過去分詞.

        I have the car washed(V.pp)..我使/讓這車"被"清洗

        I had the cup broken(V.pp)...我使這茶杯"被"打破.

    I had the house fixed(V.pp)...我使這房屋"被"組合固定.

        I had the house revolved(V.pp). 我使這房屋"被"整修改建

    We renovated the house.( V原型).我們整修改造這房子

    =We had/ordered the house revolved.(V.pp). 我使這房屋"被"整修改建

    =The house was revolved by us.這房子被我們整修改建

    =The house was ordered to be revolved by us.這房子被我們整修改建

    4.It__*A*__that the criminal is still at large.


    A~is believed這件事,(現在)是被相信  B~believed這件事,(過去)主動的相信

    C~was being believed 這件事,(過去)正在被相信且進行中  D~is believing這件事,(現在)正在主動的相信且進行中

    <it=事情>當然只被動的"被"相信, <it=事情>不會主動相信

    5.Airline stewardesses _*D*_dealing with jet lag.

    are used to

    片語=慣用語=(高中文法)=#你進入yahoo字典找be used to 有更多資料#

      be used to+ Ving = get used to + Ving = 有Ving的習慣

      =(used to + V原形) = 習慣於V

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    7 . V-ing +N名詞 =複合名詞=有<*主動*動作>的名詞

    a dancing girl =正在(主動)跳舞的女孩 a walking-student=正在(主動)走路的學生 

      a singing boy=正在(主動)唱歌的男孩 

    a boiling tea =正在滾沸中的茶(茶本身有主動滾沸的動作)


    2008-04-09 12:57:53 補充:

    V-PP過去分詞+N名詞  =複合名詞= 有<*被動*動作>的名詞

    a pushed girl = 一個(被動)被推倒車的女孩   a pushing girl =(主動)一個正推別人的女孩

    a scolded boy =一個(被動)被責罵的學生  a scolding boy =(一個正在(主動)責罵別人的學生 a  drunk boy=(被動)一個"被"灌醉的男孩 a  drinking boy=一個(主動)正在喝酒的男孩 

    a boiled tea =正在"被"滾沸中的茶(茶本身有"被"滾沸的動作)

    2008-04-09 13:01:55 補充:

    7.答案:*=*B*=~unlimited use

    =主詞 =我們飯店

    offer=(主動詞)=提供 +s(第三人稱)

    ____use< of our facilities>= ____ + use=(複合名詞)=使用

    <during the time>=時間.

    A~unlimiting 沒主動限制的 B~unlimited  沒有被限制的 C~unlimit解放動作D~limiting正主動限制

    2008-04-09 13:02:59 補充:

    **因為是飯店"提供"的 沒有"被"限制的使用量=*B*=~unlimited use

    ** 如果是飯店"提供"的 有"被"限制的使用量= limited- use

    如果是 ~limiting有主動限制的在本句中不合邏輯=我們飯店,提供你 正在一直(主動)限制他人的使用量....XX

    2008-04-09 13:32:06 補充:


    vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)


    I command that he go at once.=(這例句是yahoo字典寫的)=我命令他立即就去。

    句型=I command that he go at once.=I command that +(he go at once).

      =I command that +(he go at once).=I command+ that +(完整句子).


    2008-04-09 13:47:36 補充:

    6.句型=I command/suggest/advise that he go(動詞原型) at once.

    = I command/suggest/advise that +<he+ go(動詞原型)at once>.

      =I command/suggest/advise + that +(S+V動詞原型).


     .The dentist suggested that she (should) come( 動詞原型) another day.(這例句是yahoo字典寫的)=牙醫建議她改天再來

    2008-04-09 14:06:10 補充:

    The dentist suggested/advised that she (should)+ come( 動詞原型) another day.(這例句是yahoo字典寫的)

    ***##*請注意這字 (”should”)+V原型##

    因為是suggested/advised + that+ she (should)+ V( 動詞原型)

    如果是be動詞 就是advise + that+ S+”should”+ be   

    2008-04-09 14:11:35 補充:

    ##因為只有”should  be  而沒有 should are ## 

    所以 A~are leftX  B~leftX(要用v原型 )  C~be left   D are leavingX

    6.Management advises that shopping bags+ (should)+ be left __at the front desk.

    答案:**C* 這題真難##

    >有時後我也會覺得, 文法很煩又討厭# 

    但”英文文法”是為了要讓我們更*瞭解*英文的 ,不是嗎?

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    1. A

    2. C

    3. B

    4. A

    5. D

    6. C

    7. B

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