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so much as

If someone "so much as" touches your car, an alarm will ring.

想請問 so much as在此句應如何翻譯解釋。


so much as 作為輕輕碰觸之意是適用於此句 還是本來這片語就是這個意思??

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  • Kevin
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    [so much as]是一組慣用語(idiom), 表示[even(甚至連...)]. 多半用於否定語氣:

    He doesn't so much as say hello to me.


    He wouldn't so much as look at me.


    不過如果用在肯定句裡(經常與[if]合用), 這種翻譯並不合中文語法.

    If a teacher so much as touches a student, they are fired and never again allowed to teach.

    老師要是(竟)敢碰學生一根汗毛的話, 將被開除且永不錄用.

    If that cat so much as touches the baby, I'll tie up its tail!

    只要那隻貓敢碰一下嬰兒的話, 老子就綁住它的尾巴!


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    您的句子可以不用翻成這麼強烈的語氣, 畢竟那可能只是銷售員在對車主解說警報器的功能而已, 情緒成分應該不高:

    If someone so much as touches your car, an alarm will ring.

    只要有人(敢)碰一下您的車子, 警報器就會響.

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    #2 Kevin's explanation is right on the point. He is completely correct.

    I have just answered a similar question too ( using the same references that Kevin used from and from

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    so much as 在這邊的意思是指"輕輕的碰觸"

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