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星夜 asked in 健康其他:保健 · 1 decade ago

請問CVP Foley滑脫的英文

請問CVP Foley滑脫的英文

請問CVP Foley滑脫的英文

請問CVP Foley滑脫的英文




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  • 1 decade ago
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    通常這類管路意外泛稱"tube accident(s)"

    或Accidental Tube Removing

    而CVP是central venous pressure中心靜脈壓的意思,其實正確用法應該是CVC( central venous catheter)

    (foley應該第一字母應寫作大寫,因為是發明人的姓,但英文最佳用法應該是Foley catheter或urinary catheter)


    所以如果把正確的CVC或Foley catheter套用進去;

    則成為Accidental CVC and(或用or) Foley catheter Removing

    Source(s): 醫護背景
  • dear
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    1 decade ago

    Hi, there:

    You can use

    " CVP , Foley fell off" (use past tense)

    Source(s): me
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