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I ran 9miles today and i'm to sore to move. How can i help my muscles heal? i haven't run a mile in 9months.

I'm not a runner, I'm an equestrian. I don't usually run because i had a severe knee injury a couple years ago. I just decided to run 9 miles because i wanted to. I hurt so bad and even if i'm not moving i hurt. How can i help my muscles heal quickly?????

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    protein, water, and SLOW stretchs. stretch to the first point of resistance and then hold from 20-30 seconds. not holding the stretch will make you hurt worse make sure you give your body time to over ride the muscle spindles. And Please dont do this to yourself again. start small and then move up

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    first off I think you pushed yourself a little too hard so don't do that again! but seeing as you can't go back in time and not do it, you can use ice on all the spots such as the knees that are sore...or if it is just a general sore need try an ice bath! Its hard, and its cold, BUT it helps big time.... fill the bath tub with cold water and add a bag of ice. Sit in it for no more then 10 min...but make sure you stay at least 5 min. This will help you not be sore can do this daily for as long as it hurts you!

    In the future stick to biking or swimming because it will be way easier on the knee joint and you will still get good excersies. or if you really wanna run then start off slow...2 miles only!!

    Hope you feel better soon

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    Hey! To put it You've pushed yourself far too far for someone who hasn't run in a long time. You didn't gradually build yourself up to this level so you've put yourself at a huge risk of injurying yourself seriously.

    Try deep heat creams and some gentle massaging to loosen the muscles. Also maybe a heat pad under your legs can help. But mostly rest will be the biggest thing you can do and let your muscles work themselves out. You may have to see a doctor about this if it get extremely painful or unbearable. If you want you could book yourself in somewhere where they deal specifically with sports injuries (i'm talking about someone who massages people with sports cramps and tightness).

    I would suggest not doing anything for a while until your body has fully recovered from this, and i'm sorry to say it may take a while. Please be more careful in future. Gradually build yourself up before running a flat out 9 miles. Start with a single mile and when you are physically comfortable with that, push it to two, then three, etc. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck!!

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    it sounds funny, but lay on the floor with your butt up against the wall and put your legs up--this helps drain the lactic acid from your muscles. then after about 10 mins take a REALLY hot bath and some tylenol/ibuprofen/etc. drink lots of gatorade or something w/ electrolytes and eat a banana (forgot why bananas specifically, but a BANANA.) you'll be sore because of thousands of microtears in your muscles that need to heal, so give it a few days of doing this stuff and you'll be fine.

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    You really shouldn't do that much in so little time. You start slowly and build up so u can run that much. You should be alot more careful especially with your injury.Talk to your doctor about running and exercising issues. Go pay for a massage,buy some bengay,buy a sports heating wrap,take a hot bath or something.

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    heat will help some thing like mortin will for the pain also but I have to say after not running for such along time then running 9 miles is amazing Good Job! you may not get the pain completely gone and after sleeping tonight and being still it will probubly be wose tomorrow try streaching slowly beofre bed and rub something made for aches and sprains on your legs. take a hot shower try a heating pad then repeat in the morning.

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    Dumb thing to do.

    you did too much at once. soak in a hot tub and when your muscles are nice and warm try to gently stretch them out.

    take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.

    tomorrow, no matter how bad you feel, take a short, easy walk to get the muscles stretched out and moving.

    do that daily til your muscles get back to normal and then start a sensible routine of starting slow and increasing distance every day.

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    ALOT of water and sleep. Rest as much as you can. Eat healthy foods and protiens. Also, it will hurt to stretch, but it is very good for you and a vital part of excersize. Do NOT take medications such as Ibuprofen. This pain and soreness is a good kind and you do not need to be destructive to your liver to heal it. Stretching hurts when doing it but relieves it alot within minutes.

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    I know what what your going through. Take a nice hot bath to loosen the muscles to feel better, eat plenty of protein, and you'll heal quicker....I like eating cottage cheese or tuna after a hard workout. Does wonders too! =P

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    Rest your legs upward usually helps me. Also another thing that I have tried... This helps a lot, pay your full focus to your legs, where the soreness is. Really feel the pain, absorbing. Feel it surrounding around your spot like infinite energy. That releives it a bit, and you feel better in the morning.

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