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Hands????? [simple question] 10 points + 2 :)?

Hi guys, I was wondering, well, actually I was just looking at my hands and noticed that they look a little dry and stuff.. you know what I mean.

But the problem is..that they arnt dry, their soft and smooth, nothing else.

So My real question is, How do i get my hands to not look as cracked and dry as they are..and I have tried skin lotion and other lotion products..

Any suggestions?

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    body butter is amazing! i love it. it makes my skin sooo soft. you can buy it anywhere. bath and body works heck even wal mart has some but good luck finding something you love and works for you:]

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    Well A REEEEAAALLLY good lotion that I use is Ahava Mineral Hand Cream. It's from the Dead Sea Laboratories in Isreal. It works extremely well. Rub it onto your knuckles and wherever it's dry and it works within a couple of days! Also, Aveeno lotions are very good!

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    this is really gross, but i swear it works. right before you go to bed, completely cover your hands in vaseline. then, put socks over your hands. this will lock in the moisture while you sleep. when you wake up, take the socks off your hands, then rub in or wipe off the remaining vaseline from your hands (dont use soap or water to remove it), then apply a good lotion. i suggest anything from bath and body works. re-apply the lotion throughout the day, every two hours or so. do this one or two times a week and your hands will be glowing.

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    I used a light facial peel on my hands and moisturized right after with a good cream (glysomed in my case) and haven't had the problem for a few months now. Note: I only used the peel once, never repeated it merely just moisturize every morning, before bed and sometimes after handwashing. Hope it helps.

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    Have you tried any of the intensive care Vaseline products?

    they are like hand creams and work wonders!

    there's one for extremely dry skin, and my personal fave - the one with cocoa butter (brown bottle)

    hope this helps hunni.

    good luck


    Source(s): fighter with the dry skin.. :] x
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    I know it sounds weird...but it works.

    Pour a little bit of vinegar (black) into a basin with some warm/hot water. Then soak your hands in it. It really helps your hands regain the moisture that it needs.

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    I get what you're saying.

    Wash your hands with warm water, then cold, and dry them completely. Then rub in baby oil, and wipe excess off. Then rub in hand cream.

    Source(s): Same thing.
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    maybe like hand cream or something a little thicker than lotion

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    This is great for dry hands.

    It's more than just a lotion.

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    VASALINE!! my hands looked like that too until my friend gave me some vasaline.. and it works beautifullty! it is gone overnight i promise!!! omgg i <3 it!

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