How do I join express scripts?

I used to be a member since my insurance carrier used them but now they changed to a different much more expensive mail order pharmacy. Is there anyway I can join independantly?

it was very easy and inexpensive to get my asthma prescriptions mailed to me through them....

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    You can only 'join' Express Scripts if your employer or health plan is associated with them so you won't be able to sign up as an individual. However... you can do a little research to find out what Rx asthma products are on the new PBMs (Prescription Benefit Management company) "preferred dug list". You will find that you likley have other alternatives that will help you lower your copay such as an alternative brand or a generic product. Go to the new company's website and check out what they have. It is likely they will have a 'cost calculator' which you can use to estimate your costs on specific prescription drugs. Or, you can print the preferred drug list (sometimes called a Formulary) and take it to your next doctor appointment. Sometimes having your doctor switch you to a similar product is all it takes to save some money.

    Source(s): I am a pharmacist who works for a PBM (not Express Scripts).
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    Give them a call 1.800.369.0675

    They are located in Bensalem, PA

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