If one gas station lowered gas prices.........?

If one gas station lowered their gas prices by maybe a dollar then they would get more buisness so they could pay for the gas to be put in the pump, Then the other gas stations would have to lower their prices so they could be good competition then a whole town could have cheaper gas prices right??? Well I'm only a teen so don't blame me if this sonds stupid I am just sick of stinkin high gas prices!

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  • Fred C
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    1 decade ago
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    If one station lowered prices by $1.00 per gallon, they would lose anywhere from 80 cents to 95 cents on every gallon pumped. What idiot would want to sell more than everybody else until he went bankrupt? If you don't sell for a higher price than you pay for the fuel, you don't have enough to pay for the next load.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they could sell gas cheaper and not make any money on it if they lower it just a few cents they would sell more and still cover the price and they also pick up more inside sales but they would lose on gas and most are to cheap to do this and it causes a gas war they cant sell it too cheap it will cause people to fight over it ive seen it before back in the 70's sometime it would take a day to get gas.. was not a good time .... but they could lower it some and not make any money they only get a few cent per gallon now you would be surprize who gets the most the goverment and my family ran two stores way back when gas was real gas where we pump it for you and even clean your window without asking ... i think the first gas i brought was like 47 cents a gal a tank of high test was like ten bucks... about the same stuff they use now for racing fuel ... they could sell it for a penny or two above cost and make money from other product they sell now but most are too money crazy...... the war it the problem with where our gas is going..... they dont drive anything that runs good on gas be lucky if they get 6 miles per gal in most

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    No. The gas stations have pay the supplier a set price, also charge enough to cover cost of owning and operating the gas station. Then there are all the taxes, Federal, State and Sales Tax. Also must make sure they can pay for the next delivery from the supplier. In effect the gas station does not set the price.

  • 3 years ago

    The gasoline stations could purchase the gasoline to position in the pumps. The income margin on gasoline is basically 10 to fifteen cents a gallon, so in the experience that they drop the price a dollar, then they're identifying to purchase your gasoline. it isn't the gasoline stations fault gasoline is so severe, it really is because the E P A gained't enable any extra refineries be outfitted. The very last refinery went on-line in 1973, and a number of those have closed. this signifies that we've a lot less refineries generating gasoline for most cases autos that we did have 35 years in the past.

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